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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs; NHL - 2013 Stanley Cup finals: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins; MLB regular season underway; Friday, May 24, 2013, WNBA 2013 regular season begins
Please Help Oklahoma tornado victims  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - U.S. News (NBC)  |  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - The Washington Post  |  How To Help Oklahoma After Tornado Devastates Area  (Huffington Post)

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2235 130618  June 18, 1873  On June 18, 1873 Susan B Anthony was fined 100 dollars for trying to vote  |  Remarks of Susan B. Anthony at Her Trial for Illegal Voting Stanton and Anthony Papers Online  |  This Day in History — — What Happened Today in History
Susan B. Anthony Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Susan B. Anthony - Wikipedia
Women's suffrage - Wikipedia
Quakers - Wikipedia
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Wikipedia
Women's suffrage in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2234 130618  Syria  Putin Didn’t feel isolated, not all G8 leaders agree Assad used chemical weapons — RT News
Also see 2208 130617  Syria  Obama, Putin meet for Syria talks as G8 summit opens - G8 - FRANCE 24  |  BBC News - Russia issues warning on Syria as G8 gathers for summit  |  G-8 meeting will test NSA leaks' effect on U.S. influence -  |  Cameron to hold emergency talks with Obama over Syria crisis and will target Putin as U.S. plans no-fly zone after finding proof that government used chemical weapons against rebels Mail Online
Also see 2156 130614  Syria  Obama authorizes weapons to Syrian rebels, officials say  (Boston, Boston Globe)
PressTV - Syria has used chemical weapons US
Syria's Assad Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebels, U.S. Officials Conclude  (Huffington Post, AOL)
Bill Clinton Obama Risks Looking Like A 'Wuss,' 'A Total Fool' If He Doesn't Act On Syria  (Huffington Post, AOL)
Russia and the 'war of nerves' over Syria World DW.DE 08.06.2013
UN Says Nearly 93,000 Killed In Syrian Civil War NPR
CBBC (Children's BBC) Newsround - What's happening in Syria and will the violence end
BBC News - Syria profile - Timeline  |  BBC News - Syria profile - Overview
Geography of Syria - Map of Syria - World Atlas
Syrian civil war - Wikipedia  |  Foreign involvement in the Syrian civil war - Wikipedia

2233 130618  Protesters flood Brazilian cities over World Cup spending  (Telegraph, Google)
The Official Website of the FIFA World Cup™ -

2232 130618  How to Survive an Alien Abduction on MSN Video
Alien abduction - Wikipedia

2231 130618  500px - Dubai-based pilot Karim Nafatni - Photos     "Great photos"
Pilot showcases stunning photos taken from plane’s cockpit The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

2230 130618  Man Replaced 90 Percent of his Meals with Drink Mixture  (Kitchen Daily, AOL)

2229 130618  'Undercover Boss' Top 4 Moments From Season 4 [VIDEO] - Careers Articles  (AOL)
Undercover Boss - Wikipedia
Undercover Boss (U.S. TV series) - Wikipedia

Prada - Wikipedia
our Fashion page

2227 130618  NSA chief agency programs prevented over 50 potential terrorist acts -
Also see 2207 130617  NSA leaks  Snowden leaks reveal Britain spied on G20 members - UK - FRANCE 24  |  G-8 meeting will test NSA leaks' effect on U.S. influence -  |  Poll Americans say Snowden should be prosecuted for NSA leaks, but views are complicated  (USA Today)
Also see 2179 130615  NSA-proof encryption exists. Why doesn’t anyone use it  (Washington Post)  |  Hong Kong rally backs Snowden, denounces allegations of U.S. spying - Chicago Tribune
Also see 2162 130614  Edward Snowden shows evolution of smuggling secrets - LA Times  |  Five myths about privacy - The Washington Post
Also see 2147 130613  Edward Snowden and the Underground High-Tech Economy  (Mashable)
STEM fields (STEM education) - Wikipedia
Also see 2146 130613  NSA surveillance defeats democracy - Chicago Tribune  |  NSA hacks China, leaker Snowden claims - CNN  |  Sen. Bill Nelson Edward Snowden failed to expose government abuse with treasonous acts - NY Daily News  |  France's Le Pen demands political asylum for Snowden - FRANCE 24  |  Snowden likely overstepped access at NSA experts - FRANCE 24  |  NSA surveillance program is one of many Big Brothers watching - LA Times  |  Top 10 commentaries on the NSA leaks and whistleblower Edward Snowden - Lindsey Bever  |  N.S.A. Scandal God Save Us From the Lawyers The New Yorker
Whistleblower - Wikipedia
Also see 2127 130612  Know Where to Run to The 5 Best Countries With No Extradition  (Daily Finance, AOL)
Also see 2115 130611-0612  NSA chief says surveillance has stopped “dozens” of potential terrorist attacks Fox News
Russia ready to consider asylum for NSA whistleblower Snowden — RT News  |  Russia may deem civil servants’ use of Gmail, Facebook ‘high treason’ — RT Russian politics
Survey Most Americans Are OK With NSA Phone Surveillance  (Mashable)
Also see 2098 130610-0611  NSA Prism programme William Hague makes statement on GCHQ - video Politics  |  GCHQ not 'trawling' people's emails, William Hague tells MPs - Telegraph
The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) - Wikipedia
Brussels failed to act against US surveillance of EU citizens Europe DW.DE 11.06.2013
European Union (EU) - Wikipedia
Also see 2093 130610  Merkel, other European leaders raise concerns on U.S. surveillance - The Washington Post
US data surveillance worries German expert Sci-Tech DW.DE 09.06.2013

Also see 2080 130609  Edward Snowden the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations World news  |  Edward Snowden, The N.S.A. Leaker, Comes Forward The New Yorker  |  NSA contractor 'I know I have done nothing wrong'  (USA Today)
The National Security Agency - NSA-CSS
National Security Agency - Wikipedia
Also see 2054 130608  George W Obama viral picture shows president getting attacks from the left  (MSN)  |  The Huffington Post's Brutal Front Page 'GEORGE W. OBAMA' - SFGate

2226 130618  Nazi war crimes suspects  Hungarian man, 98, charged with World War II crimes prosecutors -  |  Nazi war crimes suspect Laszlo Csatary charged in Hungary News DW.DE 18.06.2013
Nazism - Wikipedia  |  Nazi Germany - Wikipedia
Also see 2163 130614  Minnesota Nazi Commander of SS unit lives in US after World War II (+video)  (CS Monitor, Yahoo)  |  Nazi SS unit commander exposed after 6 decades in US - One News Page [US]
Waffen-SS - Wikipedia

2225 130618  Photos of the day - The Washington Post

2224 130618  "Health Notes"  High-heeled shoes may look good, but they’re bad for your feet - The Washington Post

2223 130618  University programs that train U.S. teachers get mediocre marks in first-ever ratings - The Washington Post  |  New teacher training study decries California universities - LA Times

2222 130618  Westwood Village wants to be cool again - LA Times
Westwood Village, Los Angeles - Wikipedia

2221 130618  Afghanistan  U.S. says Taliban agrees to Afghanistan peace talks - LA Times
Also see 2099 130610  The war on terror is far from over: Taliban behead two boys — aged 10 and 16 — accused of spying: officials  (New York Daily News)
Geography of Afghanistan - Map of Afghanistan - World Atlas
our War with Iraq & War in Afghanistan page

2220 130618  Second grader in wheelchair set apart from classmates in school photo Shine On - Shine from Yahoo! Canada

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