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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs; NHL Playoffs; MLB regular season underway; Friday, May 24, 2013, WNBA 2013 regular season begins
Please Help Oklahoma tornado victims  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - U.S. News (NBC)  |  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - The Washington Post  |  How To Help Oklahoma After Tornado Devastates Area  (Huffington Post)

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2033 130606  "We Heard" on KFAN (FOX) June 6, 2013  'Bathing Beauty' Esther Williams dies; watch video of her best underwater moments Without A Net 89.3 KPCC (scpr, Google)  |  Esther Williams, star of film and swimming, dies at 91 -
Esther Williams Princess Mermaid - YouTube
Esther Williams Home Page  |  Esther Williams - Wikipedia
Synchronized swimming - Wikipedia

2032 130606  June 5, 2013  Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington dies  (USA Today)  |  Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington dies in car crash -
Joey Covington - Wikipedia
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (live 1970) - YouTube

2031 130606  June 6,1944  D-Day  Classic MAD Remembering General Patton on the Anniversary of D-Day Mad Magazine  |  BBC News - Norfolk D-Day veteran's ashes taken to Normandy for interment
Invasion of Normandy - Wikipedia
D-Day - June 6, 1944 - the United States Army  | 
D-Day — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
For more info, see our D-Day page

2030 130606  Women have a better memory for faces than men, study finds - NY Daily News

2029 130606  "Games" Play Sudoku - The Washington Post

2028 130606  "Health Notes"  How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely - WebMD - Exercise, Counting Calories, and More  |  Weight-loss tips 25 ways to lose weight, keep it off  (USA Today)  |  Weight loss -

2027 130606  Life Before Marriage Why You're Not An Adult Until You Tie The Knot  (Huffington Post, AOL)
2026 130606  Administration, lawmakers defend NSA program to collect phone records - The Washington Post  |  White House Defends NSA Collection Of Phone Records  (Huffington Post, AOL)

2025 130606  AOL On - Steve Harvey Gives Women Described as 'Grandmas' Remarkable Makeovers

2024 130606  Most Americans see gay marriage as inevitable survey  (Reuters, Google)

2023 130606  AP survey Economists see no stock market bubble  (The Advocate, Google)

2022 130606  Top 25 highest-paid athletes in the world - Yahoo! Sports
- No. 1: Tiger Woods  Sport: Golf  Total money earned: $78.1 million

2021 130605  One Third of Food Wasted, Can Retailers Help Scientific American

2020 130605  Taylor Swift Joins Rolling Stones for 'As Tears Go By' - Video Rolling Stone

2019 130605  CMT 2013 CMT Music Awards June 5, 8-7c Country Music Videos Awards Show - June 5, 2013
CMT Country Music Television Country Music Television
CMT Music Awards - Wikipedia
CMT Music Awards 2013 Carrie Underwood honors Oklahoma in moving tribute, Miranda Lambert wins big - NY Daily News
Carrie Underwood - Blown Away - YouTube

2018 130605  200th Anniversary War of 1812 The Saturday Evening Post  - 200 Years ago: We Didn't Give Up the Ship: "Don't give up the ship" is remembered because it still strikes a chord in the hearts of Americans.

2017 130605  Rockwell Painting Inspires Movie The Saturday Evening Post  -  "Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barbershop"

2016 130605  In Japan, new policy spurs solar power boom - The Washington Post

2015 130605  More than half of American adults now have smartphones, survey says -

2014 130605  Florida woman, 84, claims her Powerball jackpot -- in one payment - -
$590-million Powerball jackpot
Woman Who Let Powerball Winner Go Ahead of Her Has No Regrets - Yahoo!

2013 130605  Teens Dress Up Immodest Statue Watch the video - Yahoo! Screen

2012 130605 
‘Harlem Shake’ Takes Over at Wedding Ceremony Yahoo! Screen Blog - Yahoo! Screen
The Best of Harlem Shake - 2013 - Original Baauer Harlem Shake Videos - YouTube
Harlem Shake (meme) - Wikipedia

2011 130605  Tiananmen Square Massacre - Additions:  Tiananmen Square online searches censored by Chinese authorities World news The Guardian  |  Tank Man - Wikipedia
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 - Wikipedia
Tiananmen Massacre - Tank Man The 1989 Chinese Student Democracy Movement - YouTube
Also see 2010 130604

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