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May 27, 2013  Memorial Day (Photos)    Last Mon. in May 

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1745 130513  DOJ Secretly Obtains Months Of AP Phone Records; AP Condemns 'Unprecedented Intrusion'  (video, Huffington Post, AOL)  |  AP blasts feds for phone records search -
United States Department of Justice  |  AP (Associated Press)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1744 130513  Middle Eastern Hackers Attacking U.S. Power Companies Popular Science
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1743 130513  May 13, 2013  RIP:  Joyce Brothers dead at 85 The popular psychologist died Monday in New York - NY Daily News  |  Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist Who Dispensed Advice to Millions, Dies at 85 -  |  Famed TV psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers dead at 85  (Beverly Hill Courier) - She became the only woman to ever win “The $65,000 Question” TV game show.
Joyce Brothers - Wikipedia
Joyce Brothers says Salem needs a good orgasm! - YouTube  |  Dr. Joyce Brothers Talks Naughty Parts - YouTube 
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1742 130513  Carmakers Skimp On Safety In Brazil, Leading To High Fatalities  (AOL)  |  AP IMPACT Cars Made In Brazil Are Deadly NPR  -  Note: Brazil is the fourth largest auto market in the world.
The 20 biggest car markets in the world  (Best Selling Cars)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1741 130513  AOL On - Billionaire Spanx Founder To Give Away Half Her Fortune to Charity  -  Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made female billionaire
Welcome to the Official Site of Spanx by Sara Blakely
Sara Blakely - Biography
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1740 130513  Eternal Flame At Chestnut Ridge Park In Western New York Fed By New Gas Source, Study Reports  (Huffington Post, AOL)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1739 130513  Natural world phenomena  (Yahoo)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1738 130513  Video -- Otter Chaos -- National Geographic
our Otter photo page
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1737 130513  "Health Notes"  Juice Frauds What's Really in Your Juice In The Pantry - Yahoo! Shine
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1736 130513  Boston Marathon bombings  A poignant memorial that isn’t meant to last, in a city whose memory is strong  (Boston Globe)  |  Those traumatized by the Boston Marathon bombings may just be starting to see signs; experts urge anyone affected to seek help - Health & wellness - The Boston Globe  |  UMass Dartmouth graduation honors Boston Marathon bombing victims, calls for resilience - News -
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1735 130513  Boomers need immigrants  (LA Times)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1734 130513  How Formula Could Increase Breast-Feeding Rates  (TIME, Google)  |  A Little Formula Might Help Breast-Feeding for Some Babies - US News and World Report
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1733 130513  Breed insects to improve human food security UN report Environment  (Guardian, Google)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1732 130513  98 percent of DNA is unnecessary 'junk'  (FOX, Google)  |  Carnivorous Plant Snaps Shut With 600 Gs Bladderworts 100 Times Faster Than Venus Flytrap LiveScience
For more info on Venus Flytraps, see our 1539 130426  Life - Venus Flytraps Jaws of Death - BBC One - YouTube
Venus flytrap - Wikipedia
North Carolina State Carnivorous Plant - Venus Flytrap        our North Carolina state page

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1731 130513  It's graduation time!  Oprah Winfrey Delivers Commencement Address to Class of 2012 - YouTube  May 20, 2012, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1730 130513  THE BEST FLASH MOB EVER IN NYC - YouTube  -  MP3 Experiment 8 New York City
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1729 130513  It's graduation time!  Bill Clinton delivers commencement address at Howard University - The Washington Post   May 11, 2013
Brief History - Howard University  |  Howard University  Wikipdia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1728 130513  It's graduation time!  Michelle Obama delivers commencement speech at Eastern Kentucky University - The Washington Post  May 11, 2013
Virginia Tech Michelle Obama's Commencement Address - YouTube  May 11, 2012
Our graduation page - 
Letter 2 | Graduation photos & videos
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1727 130513  King crabbing in northern Norway - Königskrabbenfang im Norden Norwegens - YouTube
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1726 130513  Tuna Fishing - South Pacific - BBC Two - YouTube
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1725 130513  Pope Francis celebrates Mass, proclaims new saints (full text)  (Vatican, Google)  |  Catholics get hundreds of new saints with pope's first canonization ceremony at Vatican Fox News  |  Pope Francis canonises first saints of his reign - FRANCE 24
First saints canonized by Pope Francis - YouTube
Martyr - Wikipedia  |  Canonization - Wikipedia

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1724 130513  NFL Power Rankings Preseason - National Football League - ESPN
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1723 130513  Gallery Our favorite TV moms -

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