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(National Geographic) 今日の写真 |  This Day in History 今日の歴史
Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, MLB

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1606 130502  Science Fiction Comes Alive as Researchers Grow Organs in Lab - -  Growing a New Heart  (Graphics) | 
Cancer Patient Saved With Lab-Made Windpipe -
Scientists Implant Lab-Made Trachea Into Toddler  (WSJ, Pioneer Press)
Vertebrate trachea (or windpipe) - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1605 130502  "Health Notes"  A Sleep Gene Has A Surprising Role In Migraines Wisconsin Public Radio News  (NPR, Google)
What is a gene mutation and how do mutations occur - Genetics Home Reference  (NIH)
Gene - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1604 130502  "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  "Health Notes"  Genomic mutation studies unlock details on cancers  (FOX, Google)  |  Genomes provide clues for treating leukemia, endometrial cancers  (LA Times, Google)
Genome   | 
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1603 130502  3D printed 'bionic' ear combines cartilage with an antenna  (The Verge, Google)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1602 130502  Dying Careers You Should Avoid - Yahoo! Education
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1601 130502  Kris Kross' Chris Kelly Dead Cocaine, Heroin Suspected as Cause of Death  (, Yahoo) |  Chris Kelly Dead Kris Kross Rapper Dies At 34 (VIDEO)  (Huffington Post, Yahoo)
Kris Kross - Wikipedia

Rapping - Wikipedia  |  Hip hop music - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1600 130502  Hunter saves own life after rattlesnake bit him  (GrindTV, Yahoo)  "Really interesting, but a $10 snake-bite kit sounds like great stuff."
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1599 130502  Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show - YouTube  South Korea        "That guy is amazing." 
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1598 130501  Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony - The Washington Post  (video)
our Virginia State page
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1597 130501  "May 1, and it's snowing in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota." "Snow, Snow, Go away. You know it's May Day." Falling snowflakes seem to say to us, "Sorry folks, don't hate us (snowflakes)." our Snowflake photo page
May 1, 2013  "Nature Notes"  "We saw a Canada goose incubating their eggs in the nest while it was snowing."        our Canada Geese photo page

Unprecedented: Rare May snowfall could break records; Rain to snow today  (MPR)  |  May Day snow storm slams Midwest Fox News
Thursday, May 2, 2013, A.M. snow, then a bit of snow and rain, High: 41 °F, Low: 37 °F. For more info, visit  15 Day Forecast - Minneapolis, MN
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1596 130501  April 30, 2013  The Dutch Crown New King, Proving Resilience of Europe’s Monarchies  |  Crown prince takes throne as Queen Beatrix abdicates - NETHERLANDS - FRANCE 24  |  Monarchy - Het Koninklijk Huis
Willem-Alexander is new king of Netherlands - YouTube  |  Amsterdam prepares to crown Dutch King Willem-Alexander - YouTube
Netherlands - World Atlas  |  Netherlands - Wikipedia  |  Monarchy of the Netherlands - Wikipedia

Why do so many European countries still have monarchs?  (Slate)  |  Monarchies in Europe - Wikipedia  |  Monarchy - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1595 130501  April 2013  Deanna Durbin dies; Former child star was 91  (FOX, MSN)  |  Deanna Durbin, 1930s Child Star, Dies at 91 - The Hollywood Reporter
Deanna Durbin - Wikipedia  - She was a Canadian singer and actress |  Deanna Durbin - Biography  |  Deanna Durbin News, Deanna Durbin Bio and Photos
Schubert - Ave Maria - Deanna Durbin - YouTube  |  Christmas Holiday 1944 - YouTube
Canada -
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1594 130501  Digital camera gives a bug's-eye view Nature News & Comment  |  Tiny Compound-Eye Camera Sees The World Like Ants Do Popular Science        Information Resources: Google
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1593 130501  Echinoderms Sea Star Time-lapse Eating Mussel on Vimeo  |  Starfish tries to eat Wolf Eel - YouTube  |  Starfish Eating - YouTube  |  Sea Star Anatomy Part 1 - YouTube  |  Sea Star Anatomy Part 2 - YouTube
Also see 1573 130429 
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1592 130501  Time lapse - whole gecko eaten by ants in just a few hours! - YouTube
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1591 130501  Oil estimates double 7.4 billion barrels in N.D. and Mont.  |  North Dakota struggles to cope with its oil-boom prosperity   (Star Tribune)       
Also see 1008 121113 
our North Dakota State page

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1590 130501  April 28, 2013  Janos Starker, Master of the Cello, Dies at 88  (New York Times, Yahoo)  |  IU community mourns passing of Distinguished Professor, cellist Janos Starker IU News Room Indiana University  |
János Starker - Wikipedia
Janos Starker - Kodály Cello Solo Sonata I. Mvt - YouTube

130501  Single motherhood in U.S. increases sharply - The Washington Post
130501  As Amherst rejects online lecture model, educators ponder what’s to gain from trend - The Washington Post
130501  Oil sinks to $91 a barrel as China manufacturing slows, US crude supplies grow

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