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"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1461 130413  Coachella (Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival), Indio, California (CA) 
Coachella 2013: Stone Roses, How to Destroy Angels Storm the Desert  (Rollingstone)
Coachella 2010 - YouTube
Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012 - YouTube

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1460 130413  Teen Dies Playing Chicken With Trains: Tragedy Strikes San Lorenzo High School (VIDEO, PHOTO)  (Christian Post, Yahoo)
Playing Chicken On A Railway Track  |  Teen Killed By Train Playing Chicken DONT PLAY CHICKEN!!!!
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1459 130413  "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  April 12, 2013  Jimmy Dawkins Dead Chicago Bluesman Known As Part Of City's 'West-Side Sound' Dies At 76   (Huffington Post, Yahoo)
Jimmy Dawkins - Wikipedia
Jimmy Dawkins - Me, My Gitar and the Blues - YouTube

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1458 130412  Survey says, you should watch these hilarious game show bloopers - Bing Videos
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1457 130412  April 11, 2013  Comedian Jonathan Winters dies at 87  (CNN, MSN)
Jonathan Winters - Wikipedia
Jonathan Winters' 5 funniest moments - MSN TV News  (videos)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1456 130412  "Health Notes"  Bras make breasts sag more, study finds  (FOX, Google)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1455 130412  "Health Notes"  Is music the secret to a good night's sleep? Researchers find it can improve quality AND boost your brainpower overnight  (Mail Online, Google)
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1454 130412  Nature's Engineers HD The Dam Beaver National Geographic Documentary
Beaver felling a tree
  | Beaver Cutting Oak Tree  |  Beaver Cutting Tree Day 24
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1453 130412  Man tries to take photo of beaver; it kills him  (USA Today)
Beaver attack Нападение Бобра  |  beaver's attack
"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1452 130412  "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  April 11, 2013  New York City Ballet Legend Maria Tallchief Dies At 88 « CBS New York   
Maria Tallchief Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -  |  Maria Tallchief - Wikipedia
Maria Tallchief and Nicholas Magallanes - 'Allegro brillante' - YouTube

"Photo of the Week (or Day)" 1451 130411  N. Koreans sneak across border for food, freedom - Video on NBC  |  N. Korea celebrates while missile launch looms - Video on NBC
"Photo of the Week" 1450 130411  Animal pictures of the week: 22 March 2013  (Telegraph)  
"Photo of the Week" 1449 130411  Bug-eyed: macro photographs of insects by Ireneusz Irass Waledzik  (Telegraph)   Amazing photos!
"Photo of the Week" 1448 130411  Video -- World's Weirdest Pangolin -- National Geographic
"Photo of the Week" 1447 130411  Syria crisis G8 foreign ministers meet as rebels demand weapons - Thursday 11 April World news  (video, Guardian, Google)
"Photo of the Week" 1446 130411  5 countries that hate America most  (MSN)
130411  The $25 Billion Impact of the Wind Industry  (Greentech Media, Google)

"Photo of the Week" 1445 130410  NASA touts plan to grab asteroid as 'unprecedented technological feat' - Cosmic Log  (video, NBC, MSN)
"Photo of the Week" 1444 130410  Video -- World's Largest Spider -- National Geographic
Wikipedia   Goliath birdeater  |  Tarantula
"Photo of the Week" 1443 130410  YouTube  Hippo Licks Croc  |  Female hippo destroys lion pride
"Photo of the Week" 1442 130410  April 10, 2013  Robert G. Edwards, ‘test tube’ baby pioneer, dies at 87 - The Washington Post
Robert G. Edwards - A Superstar of Science (video)
Robert G. Edwards - Wikipedia       
130410 Senators reach deal on gun background checks (USA Today)
130410 "Health Notes"  Alzheimer's gene ABCA7 linked to increased disease risk in African-Americans - CBS News

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