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MLB Regular Season Underway

"Photo of the Week" 1430 130406  Rembrandt Flash Mob Shocks Dutch Shoppers With Live Action Rendition Of 'The Night Watch' (VIDEO)  (Huffington Post)
"Photo of the Week" 1429 130406  Nancy Lamperti, 101-Year-Old Staten Island Woman, Reveals Her Secret To Long Life (VIDEO)  (Huffington Post)
"Photo of the Week" 1428 130406  Hooters Ballgirl Picks up Live Baseball and Tosses it into Crowd During Phillies Game - YouTube
Hooters - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week" 1427 130406  Massive Supernova And Nebula Seen In the Universe - YouTube
Nebula - Wikipedia

130406 March 28, 2013  Robert Remini, Andrew Jackson scholar and former House historian, dies at age 91  (Washington Post)
Robert V. Remini - Wikipedia

"Photo of the Week" 1426 130405-0406  'Morning-After' Pill Could be Sold Over-the-Counter for All - ABC News  |  Judge orders morning-after pill available without prescription -  |  Obama Faces Choice On Morning-After Pill Restrictions  (Video, Huffington)  | 
Emergency contraception - Wikipedia
April 5, 2013 "
Late afternoon, we got a little bit of snow."
"Photo of the Week" 1425 130405  NASA's Hubble telescope finds distant supernova, clues to universe  (Computerworld, Google)  |  Dazzling collection of Hubble Telescope photographs released this year captures countless swirling stars as they sparkle in space Mail Online  (Amazing photos + videos) |  NASA - Hubble Space Telescope  | 
Hubble Space Telescope - Wikipedia  |  Supernova - Wikipedia
The Universe - Supernovae - YouTube
"Photo of the Week" 1424 130405  Network of cell mimics comes to life Molecules  (video, ScienceNews, Google)
"Photo of the Week" 1423 130405  "Health Notes"  Increase potassium and cut salt to reduce stroke risk  (BBC, Google)   |  Reducing salt 'would cut cancer'  (BBC) |  Cutting salt 'should be global priority' (BBC)  |  CDC: 
"Photo of the Week" 1422 130405  Just how weak is the economy- MSN Money  | - US Economy  |  Economy Adds 88,000 Jobs  (videos, WSJ, Google)  |  Jobs numbers show sharp cuts in hiring - Commentary: Government spending cuts already sapping recovery  (MarketWatch, Google)
"Photo of the Week" 1421 130405  Must-see April 2013 on MSN Photos
"Photo of the Week" 1420 130405  Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi - YouTube     "Awesome!"
Flash mob - Wikipedia

130404  10 of the Worst Jobs for the Future - Yahoo! Finance
130404  "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  April 4, 2013
 RIP Roger Ebert. Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer - Chicago Sun-Times  |  Critic Roger Ebert Dies at 70  (Hollywood Reporter)
Roger Ebert - Wikipedia
130404  "We Heard" on MPR & WCCO (CBS)  Connecticut lawmakers approve 'toughest' gun laws in US - U.S. News  (NBC)
More Americans are living together before marriage, study finds (LA Times, Google)
130404 "Health Notes"
Baldness linked to coronary heart disease, study finds  (FOX, Google)
"Photo of the Week" 1419 130404  Video -- I Didn't Know That Can You Survive Quicksand -- National Geographic
"Photo of the Week" 1418 130404  "We Heard" on MPR on April 3, 2013  
Martin Luther King Jr. - I've Been to the Mountaintop (Last Speech; Assassinated Next Day) - YouTube  
On April 3, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his last speech, “I've Been to the Mountaintop” in Memphis, Tennessee. 
“Because I've been to the mountaintop...  And I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land... Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”  The next day (April 4, 1968), he was assassinated in Memphis.
I've Been to the Mountaintop - Wikipedia

The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.  (ABC)        our Martin Luther King, Jr. page

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