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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports
130213 -     MLB - It's Spring Training Time.  |  Opening Day 2013 -  April 1st
NCAA College Basketball Scores - NCAA Basketball - ESPN 
Holy Week (The week before Easter):  March 24, 2013  Palm Sunday (パーム -- シュロの葉 --日曜日)  - March 31, 2013  Easter

"Photo of the Week" 1396 130329  March 29, 2013  Good Friday
Letter 51  |  レター  51
Good Friday 2013 
Picture desk live the best Good Friday pictures of the day News
Vatican  |  Good Friday  (Catholic Online)  |  Good Friday - Wikipedia
Video Pilgrims reenact Passion of Christ in Jerusalem on Good Friday - Telegraph   |  Video The Pope holds Good Friday mass in the Vatican - live - Telegraph
The Passion - Worthy Is The Lamb  |  Were You There When They Crucified My Lord  |  Good Friday Reflection From the Cross. . .

U.S. stock markets closed Friday - Houston Business Journal

"Photo of the Week" 1395 130329  Hard-Boiled Eggs Why You Are Cooking Them Wrong Team Mom - Yahoo! Shine  
"Photo of the Week" 1394 130329  Pink stops concert to help crying girl  (video, USA Today, ABC) |  Pink stops concert to console crying girl  (Vancouver Sun)    "We are not huge fans of Pink. But, when we watch that video, we think Pink is a kind, smart, and brave person.  Very cool!"
Pink (singer) - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week" 1393 130329  Christie's  |  Christie's - Wikipedia Christie's auction - YouTube  |  Art Auction News - Notable Sales  |  List of most expensive paintings - Wikipedia
"Photo of the Week" 1392 130329  Smartphone Brawl Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 Pacific Money  (The Diplomat)
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 - YouTube

"Photo of the Week" 1391 130328  Boy, 9, Gives Himself 20 Girlfriends in Math Problem Video - ABC News    Funny! 
130329 Fear becoming a 'bag lady' someday Many others do, too - Life Inc. (MSN) |   Allianz Life News releases
"Photo of the Week" 1390 130328  Russia stages massive surprise war games on Black Sea (VIDEO) — RT News
"Photo of the Week" 1389 130328  "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  US Sends B-2s to South Korea for Military Drills - ABC News
"Photo of the Week" 1388 130328  "We just Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  Barbara Walters plans to retire in 2014  (USA Today)  |  Barbara Walters Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story  (videos,  |  Barbara Walters - Wikipedia
YouTube  Audrey Hepburn interview  |  Audrey Hepburn Interview - Part 2   by Barbara Walters

"Photo of the Week" 1387 130328  More Americans than ever using food stamps- MSN Money  |  Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) - Wikipedia
March 28, 2013  Maundy Thursday
"Photo of the Week" 1386 130328  March 28, 2013  Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)
YouTube  Jesus Wash Disciples Feet.avi - YouTube  |  Pope Francis to wash feet of prisoners in pre-Easter Mass  |  Mel Brookes History of the World - Last Supper  (This video is funny)  |  Holy Thursday Reflection When We Eat this Bread . . .
Holy Thursday  Letter  51  |  レター  51
Holy Thursday - Easter - Lent - Catholic Online  | 
Maundy Thursday - Wikipedia

"Photo of the Week" 1385 130328  Elephant bird Giant egg goes up for auction at Christie's in London - YouTube  (ITN, Google)
That's a cracking big breakfast! Elephant bird egg ONE HUNDRED times bigger than a hen's egg goes on sale… and it's yours for £30,000  (Daily Mail)
Giant Elephant Bird Egg Up For Auction At Christie's, Expected To Sell For Around $45,000 (Huffington Post)
"Photo of the Week" 1384 130328 
What Makes Sugar So Addictive | NR
   (video, Lenovo)

Impact of boomers working past 65  (MSN)
130328  Obama moves to 'shame' Congress into approving gun control package  (FOX, Google)
130328 "Health Notes"  Study Links Early Baldness to Prostate Cancer in African Americans  (VOA, Google)

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