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130213 -     MLB - It's Spring Training Time.  |  Opening Day 2013 -  April 1st
NCAA College Basketball Scores - NCAA Basketball - ESPN

"Picture of the Week" 1362 130323 Dinosaur-killing space rock 'was a comet'  (BBC, Google) |  Asteroid Killed Off Dinosaurs New Study Suggests Comet Instead Caused Extinction Event  (Huffington Post)
"Picture of the Week" 1361 130323  "A Sign of Spring"  We think a bald eagle pair will be laying eggs anytime soon. Bald Eagle & Nest Photos:   5a / Up-Close: 5b / 5c
130323  The 10 Most Underpaid Jobs - Yahoo
130323  "We just Heard' on WCCO (CBS)  March 23, 2013  Joe Weider, fitness mentor to Schwarzenegger, dies  (USA Today, Google)
Joe Weider - Wikipedia
130323  March 22, 2013  Former Knicks, Nets guard Ray Williams dies at 58 - The Washington Post  (Yahoo)
Ray Williams (basketball) - Wikipedia
130323 Forget Cyprus, Japan Is The Real Crisis - Forbes
130323 Guns are not the answer The News Leader
Earth Hour   March 23, 2013 (130323), 120331, 110326, 100327, 090328
"Picture of the Week" 1360 130322  March Madness  NCAA Bracket Picks - South Region - March Madness - YouTube | West, East, and Midwest Region videos as well  (Wall Street Journal)
March Madness turns to online betting frenzy (Video) - Kansas City Business Journal  | 
The Business Of The Bracket: How Vegas And Businesses Capitalize On March Madness  (Forbes)
NCAA Office Pool (photo Example)  |  How to Win Your Office Basketball Pool  |  How to Run an NCAA Tournament Pool
NCAA March Madness (Basketball Tournament) "Final Four" <  > < > <  >  Letter 46 | レター  46  (12 & 153) Schedules: < >  
YouTube   2011 NCAA March Madness Buzzer Beaters  |  AXE Apollo - NCAA March Madness Commercial
"Picture of the Week" 1359 130322 "Health Notes"  105 U.S. Kids Died From Flu, CDC Says - ABC News  |  CDC - Seasonal Influenza (Flu)
Vaccination - Wikipedia 
"Picture of the Week" 1358 130322  "We just Learned" on WCCO (CBS)  March 21, 2013  Chinua Achebe, Nigerian Writer, Dies at 82 -
Wikipedia  Chinua Achebe
  |  Things Fall Apart
Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe on CNN's 'African voices' - YouTube
Map of Nigeria, Africa
"Picture of the Week" 1357 130322 "Health Notes"  Energy Drinks May Put Heart at Risk  (MedPage Today, Google)
Energy drink - Wikipedia
   |  Energy Drink - Bing Images    栄養ドリンク   
"Picture of the Week" 1356 130322  BBC News - Syria profile - Timeline  |  Syria — Uprising and Civil War  (New York Times)
Maps  Middle East  |  Syria
"Picture of the Week" 1355 130322 "Health Notes"  Traffic congestion causes childhood asthma, study confirms  (FOX, Google)
Traffic Congestion - Bing Images  |  Traffic congestion - Wikipedia
"Picture of the Week" 1354 130322  March 20, 2013  Rise Stevens, Mezzo-Soprano Star of ‘Carmen,’ Dies at 99  (Bloomberg, Yahoo)
Risë Stevens - Wikipedia
Rise Stevens Habanera Carmen - YouTube
"Picture of the Week" 1353 130322  March 23, 2013  Earth Hour 60+  Earth Hour Pages WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)  |  Earth Hour 2012 Official Video - YouTube
Earth Hour - Wikipedia

130321 "Careers"  The 100 Best Jobs  (U.S.News)
130321 "Careers"  The pros of part-time jobs  (MSN)
"Picture of the Week" 1352 130321  Nana, 88-Year-Old Grandma, Dances Her Way Out The Door (VIDEO)  (Huffington Post)  forwarded from Janet
"Picture of the Week" 1351 130321  BBC News - US and Israel talk tough on Iran during Obama visit  |  PressTV - Obama gives fresh boost to Western media war against Iran  |  PressTV - Iran will raze Tel Aviv to ground if Israel attacks Ayatollah Khamenei
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Pictures, Videos, Breaking News  (Huffington Post)  |  Iran leader hints at first direct US nuclear talks  (France 24)
BBC News - Middle East crisis  | 
Maps  Middle East  |  Israel  |  Palestine  |  Iran  (World Atlas) 

"Picture of the Week" 1350 130321  North Korea issues fresh threat to U.S., South probes hacking - Yahoo! News
"Picture of the Week" 1349 130321  March 19, 2013  Harry Reems, Pornographic Film Star of ‘Deep Throat,’ Dies  (New York Times, Google)
Harry Reems - Wikipedia  |  Deep Throat (film) - Wikipedia  |  Deep Throat (1972) - IMDb

"Picture of the Week" 1348 130321  Happiest and most miserable states- MSN Money
"Picture of the Week" 1347 130321  NCAA College Basketball Scores - NCAA Basketball - ESPN 
"Picture of the Week" 1346 130321  How-To: 3 Things You Should Never Wear to Work  (video, MSN)

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