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130213 -     MLB - It's Spring Training Time. 

130314  Iditarod Won But Alaska Town Honors Every Finisher NPR  |  Iditarod - Last Great Race on Earth®
130314  "Health Notes"  Breast Cancer Treatment Takes Toll on Heart  (ABC, MedPage Today, Google)
130314  Particle confirmed as Higgs boson - Science  (NBC, Yahoo)
130314 "Careers"  MSN Careers - 10 common job-search mistakes recent college graduates make - Career Advice Article
March 8, 2013  South Dakota Passes Law to Let School Employees Carry Guns - 
"Picture of the Week" 1307 130314  Monarch butterflies drop ominously in Mexico - CBS News        our Butterfly photo page
"Picture of the Week" 1306 130314  Orchid extravaganza at New York City Botanical Garden Pictures - CBS News
"Picture of the Week" 1305 130314  America's wealthiest neighborhoods - MSN Real Estate
"Picture of the Week" 1304 130313  March 12, 2013  Clive Burr, former Iron Maiden drummer, dies at 56  (USA Today)
R.I.P. Clive Burr Iron Maiden - Drifter (Live in London 1982) - YouTube
Clive Burr - Wikipedia  |  Iron Maiden - Wikipedia        United Kingdom - World Atlas
Iron maiden - Clive Burr drum solo ( Reading 1982) - YouTube  |  Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name - YouTube
"Picture of the Week" 1303 130313  Exercise 7 benefits of regular physical activity -  |  Exercise and Fitness  (NIH)
Here are some Exercise Examples:
Worthless Exercises You Probably Do ThePostGame/Yahoo - Beginning Bodybuilding Basics Articles!
Burn Fat Fast Cardio Workout - YouTube  |  Denise Austin Ultimate Fat Burn Workout - YouTube
44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever! (High Def) - YouTube 
"Picture of the Week" 1302 130313-0314  "We just Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  Habemus Papam "We Have a Pope" - Wikipedia  White smoke: White smoke at the Vatican for newly-elected pope – video  |  New pope greets crowds in Vatican City – video  |  Vatican crowds celebrate election of new pope – video World news  | 
Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio:
Pope Francis 13 key facts about the new pontiff World news The Guardian  |  Pope Francis - Wikipedia
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes 266th pontiff and takes name Pope Francis World news The Guardian: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, becomes Pope Francis – the first pontiff to take that name –
Argentina's Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis – This Just In - Blogs  |  Huge ovation for new pope in Buenos Aires - FRANCE 24  |  Biden to Vatican for installation of new pope - CBS News  |  Argentina, world welcome Pope Francis  (Deutsche Welle)
Argentina's Mixed Reaction To Pope Francis, Their Former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio  (IBTimes)  |  Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio named Pope Francis — RT News  |  PressTV - Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected new pope  |  Cardinal elected as new pope -NHK WORLD  |  Argentinia's Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I - World News - SINA 
US Catholic Church a $170 billion business- MSN Money  (130314)
Habemus Papam Francis I, the First Pope from the Western Hemisphere  |  Explainer How a New Pope is Elected - Video -
What It Means that the New Pope Is a Jesuit  (AlterNet, 1300314)  |  Society of Jesus - Wikipedia - The members are called Jesuits and are also known colloquially as "God's Marines" 
College of Cardinals  (Vatican)  |  The See of Peter - The College of Cardinals  (EWTN)
Pope - Wikipedia
  ローマ教皇 (ローマ法王)
Black smoke emerges from the Sistine Chapel:
Vatican no decision from conclave electing new pope - video World news
Vatican  |  Vatican  (World Atlas)  |  Italy (World Atlas)  |  Argentina (World Atlas)
Also see "Picture of the Week" 1203, 1242, 1292, and 1294

"Picture of the Week" 1301 130313  ALMA Observatory home  |  Alma telescope Ribbon cut on astronomical giant  (BBC, Google)  |  World's largest telescope releases first pictures  (BBC)    Chile (World Atlas)
"Picture of the Week" 1300 130313  Untamed and Uncut Killer Bees Attack Lady Video Animal Planet 
Killer Bees: What to do if your are attacked:  Killer Bees - Africanized Honey Bees  |  How to Escape from Killer Bees 9 steps (with pictures) - wikiHow
Africanized Bee "Killer Bees" - Wikipedia 
アフリカナイズドミツバチ (キラービー
"Picture of the Week" 1299 130313  Woman gets ticket for driving 2 mph under speed limit The Sideshow  (video, Yahoo)
"Picture of the Week" 130312  March 8, 2013  Peter Banks, original Yes guitarist, dead at 65  (USA Today, Yahoo)       
Peter Banks - Wikipedia  |  Yes (band) - Wikipedia
YES-69 FRENCH TV - YouTube

United Kingdom (World Atlas)

"Picture of the Week" 130312  Noisy Night Monkeys, Ecuador from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" March 10, 2013.    Ecuador / Galapagos Islands (World Atlas)  
"Picture of the Week" 130312  Emperor Penguin, Antarctica from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" March 6, 2013.    Antarctica (World Atlas)
"Picture of the Week" 130312  Jaguar, Ecuador from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" March 1, 2013.    Ecuador / Galapagos Islands (World Atlas)
"Picture of the Week" 130312   Sistine Chapel (Vatican Museums)  |  Sistine Chapel   (Wikipedia):  Best-known chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City.
Sistine Chapel ceiling opens to public  (video,  |  Sistine Chapel ceiling  (Wikipedia)  | 
Michelangelo  (  |  Renaissance Man (Polymath) Wikipedia
Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo  |  Sistine Chapel - A Vatican Tour - Sixtinische Kapelle - Conclave 2013- Chapelle Sixtine - Sistina  | 
"Truly amazing paintings!"

Also see "Picture of the Week" 1203, 1242, and 1292

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