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130213 -     MLB - It's Spring Training Time. 

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference | TED Prize, California 130225-0301
130225 "Just a few days left until March 1st. Spring is around the corner!"
"Picture of the Week" 130225 Stickney Crater  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA   January 18, 2013
"Picture of the Week" 130225   Feb. 22, 2013 Google Doodle celebrates Edward Gorey's 88th birthday
Edward Gorey: writer, artist, and a most puzzling man (+video) (Christian Science Monitor)
Edward Gorey House  |  Edward Gorey (Wikipedia)

130225 "Health Notes" 
Calcium, vitamin D get thumbs-down from task force (USA Toady, Google, heard on WCCO/CBS)
130225 "Health Notes" 
Mediterranean diet can ward off heart disease: study (Reuters, Google, heard on WCCO/CBS)
"Picture of the Week" 130225  'Lost continent' found off Africa (The Australian, Google) "Cool Picture"
"Picture of the Week" 130224  Seth Macfarlane Gives Oscar a Lift (video, Parade, Pioneer Press)
Evolution Has Given Humans Unique Brain Structures (Albany Tribune, Google)
Feb. 23-26, 2013 NFL Combine Indianapolis, Indiana NFL
"Picture of the Week" 130223  Academy Awards a.k.a. Oscars   Movies of the Year   Feb. 24, 2013 < > < >  
Oscar Nominations 2013 Announcement: 'Lincoln' Leads With 12 Nods  |  2012 Billy Crystal (Opening Skit Monologue Intro)  |  Oscars 2012: Winners from the 84th Annual Academy Awards (ABC)  | 2012  MERYL STREEP WINNING BEST ACTRESS FOR THE IRON LADY (HD)
130110 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS) Oscars 2013: full list of nominations (Guardian) |
Academy Awards photos (Google Images) | Best Actors photos (Yahoo Images) | Best Actresses photos (Yahoo Images) | Letter 40 | レター 40  
"Picture of the Week" 130222 "We just Heard" on WCCO (CBS)  February 21, 2013  Staples Singers vocalist Cleotha Staples dies at age 78  (FOX)
The Staple Singers Bio gospel group (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)  |  The Staple Singers  (Wikipedia)
I'll Take You There (1972) Respect Yourself  | 
"Picture of the Week" 130222 "We Heard" on MPR   February 21, 2013  RIP, Chicago bluesman Magic Slim (
Magic Slim & Teardrops Home Page  |  Magic Slim  (Wikipedia)
YouTube Magic Slim & the Teardrops - Going to Mississippi
"Picture of the Week" 130222  Feb. 24, 2013 Daytona 500, the Super Bowl of Stock-Car Racing, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL (Florida) "Gentlemen, start your engines!"    our Florida State page
Danica Patrick earns pole for Daytona 500 (New York Times, Pioneer Press)
ascar Danica Patrick not only star town (video, ESPN, Google)
Feb. 23, 2013  Purim Begins at Sundown
130222 "Health Notes" 20 quick and easy ways to get healthier fast (MSN)
130222 "Health Notes"
Americans Are Eating Fewer Calories, So Why Are We Still Obese? (TIME, Google)
February 22: George Washington's Birthday / February 12: Abraham Lincoln's Birthday: 3rd Mon. President's Day
"Picture of the Week" 130222  February 23, 2013 Nordic Ski American Birkebeiner (Live Webcast), Cable & Hayward, Wisconsin (WI), 130221-0223 (Cross-County Ski races: 51 k, 23 k, and 12 k)    our Wisconsin State page  
YouTube - Birkebeiner:  1 (2012)  |  2 (2010, Aerial Footage)  |  3   Cool videos.
130222 February 19, 2013 Robert C. Richardson, Laureate in Physics, Dies at 75 (New York Times, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 130221  Sledding:  1  |  2  from Snowman Making Contest at Silverwood Park
"Picture of the Week" 130221  Cross-country Ski Competition (Revised photo page)
"Picture of the Week" 130221  Snowshoeing (Revised photo page)        our Minnesota Winter photo page
130220 Sunrise: 7:05 a.m., Sunset: 5:48 p.m., Daylight: 10 hours and 43 minutes. The sun's apparent angle above the horizon is 34 degrees, nine degrees higher than a month ago.  Information Sources: Pioneer Press Feb. 20, 2013 - Weahterguide facts by Freshwater Society < >  See our Winter Solstice - Sunset photo : December 21, 2012 -  Sunrise: 7:48 a.m., Sunset: 4:34 p.m.  The Winter Solstice has the shortest daylight of the year; 8 hours 45 minutes and 58 seconds in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

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