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"A Happy New Year Everybody!"

2013 Stargazing Events: Comets, Eclipses, & Meteor Showers Not To Miss In New Year (Huffington Post)
"Picture of the Week" 130106  Epiphany (Three Kings Day) photos (revised photo page) | Letter:  149 | 180  | レター: 149 | 180      January 6
130105 Green Bay Packers beat Minnesota Vikings in the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. NFL
130105 January 2, 2013  Mamie Rearden, America's Oldest Living Citizen, Dies At 114
(Huffington Post, Yahoo) | Mamie Rearden, Oldest Living US Citizen, Dies at 114 (EBONY)

130105 December 28, 2012  Jayne Cortez, Jazz Poet, Dies at 78 (New York Times, Yahoo)
"Picture of the Week" 130105  Barbara Walters' '10 Most Fascinating People of 2012' revealed (Examiner, Pioneer Press)
"Picture of the Week" 130105  CES 2013 Kicks Off, But Is Giant Trade Show Losing Steam? (including videos by ABC, Google, EAI) | CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Jan. 8 - 11, 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada
"Picture of the Week" 130104  Gaza: Fatah holds biggest rally since Hamas came to power (including videos by BBC)
"Picture of the Week" 130104  100 richest people: Meet the 10 richest Americans (Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo) - 1 Bill Gates (Wealth Source: Microsoft), 2 Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), 3 Charles Koch (Koch Industries), 3 David Koch (Koch Industries), 5 Larry Ellison (Oracle), 6 Christy Walton (Wal-Mart, First Solar), 7 Jim Walton (Wal-Mart), 8 Rob Walton (Wal-Mart), 9 Alice Walton (Wal-Mart), 10 Sheldon Adelson (Casinos)
"Picture of the Week" 130104  A Spirited, high-rez view: Spirit, Opportunity mark nine years of Mars exploration - Photos by NASA/JPL (CNET, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 120104  Amazing ability! Friendly fox plays catch: click here to watch the video (MSN, YouTube)    " A fox plays fetch!"
130104 8 certifications that can boost your career (MSN)
"Picture of the Week" 130103  Almost Human (MSN photos)
"Picture of the Week" 130103  Fun Photos!  Animals acting like people (MSN)
"Picture of the Week" 130103  Video Drones (AFP)   戦闘型無人機
Unmanned combat air vehicle (combat drone, or drone) Wikipedia | Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) Wikipedia

Drone Wars UK - Info and comment on use of UK drones
Top Pakistani militant commander killed in US drone strike (FOX, Google)
130103 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013 (CNBC, Yahoo)
"Health Notes" Why you canít bank on living longer if youíre overweight (, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 130102  Video The Tennessee Waltz - singer Patti Page 1950 | Patti Page Home Page | Patti Page (Wikipedia)
"RIP Patti Page" 130102
We Heard" on WCCO (CBS) January 1, 2013 "'Tennessee Waltz' singer Patti Page dies at 85 (EW) | Patti Page, Honey-Voiced í50s Pop Sensation, Dies at 85
(New York times) 
130101  It was very cold outside: - 5 F ( - 21 C). We offered wildlife seeds and corn at the bird feeders of a Nature Center. Birds such as chickadees and juncos looked very happy.    our Bird page

January 1    New Year's Eve & New Year's Day (Photos)     Letter 18  | レター 18  (104, 105, 148)
"Picture of the Week" 120101  "We Heard" on KFAN    Rose Parade videos - Best Highlights | Soldier reunites with family
Pasadena Tournament of Roses (The Rose Parade and The Rose Bowl Game)
        our California State page
"Picture of the Week" 130101  Birds of Japan: Varied Tit (Yamagara: ヤマガラ)    1a  Front Right 3/4 View  |  1b  Front/Top View    Japan
"Picture of the Week" 121231  Watch The Ball Drop Live: 2013 New Year's Eve In Times Square, New York City (LIVE VIDEO) by Huffington Post    our New York State page
10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

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