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121221 Gun-control advocates blast NRA statement (USA Today)| NRA Flexes Muscle in Gun Control Fight (VOA) | NRA
"Picture of the Week" 121221  Psy's 'Gangnam Style' makes YouTube history with 1 billion views (video, Chicago Tribune)
"Picture of the Week" 121221  Ice Carving Competition, St. Paul Winter Carnival 2009 (revised photo pages):  1  Alice In Wonderland  |  Fountain of Unicorns (Winner in Multi-Block)  |  3  Ice Fishing  |  4  The Last Supper (3rd Place in Multi-Block)  |  5  N'ice Dark Knight  |  6  President B. Obama  |  7  Vacation Island    our St. Paul Winter Carnival page
"Picture of the Week" 121221  The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) : Citizen Science in Action (Audubon)  December 14 - January 5    our Birds page
Videos: Audubon Christmas Bird Count slideshow (National Audubon) | Christmas Bird Count | KS Christmas Bird Counts 2010
1221  Winter Solstice (First Day of Winter) (冬至、冬の始まる日)   Letter 102  |  レター 102
"Picture of the Week" 121220  Watch Darpa’s Headless Robotic Mule Respond to Voice Commands (cool video: WIRED, MSN)  December 19, 2012    our Autonomous Snow Plow Competition page
"Picture of the Week" 121220  December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice in the Arctic. Fairbanks, Alaska. Time-lapse video.
121220 "Health Notes" Sitting down for a family meal may promote healthier eating (CBS, Google)
December 19, 2012  South Korea's Park stresses 'grave' North Korea challenge (BBC) | Park meets reporters following election win (NHK) | S. Korea's first woman leader vows new N. Korea effort (USA Today)
"Picture of the Week" 121220  Male Cardinal in winter 1a  Side View  |  1b  Front View
"Picture of the Week" 121219 "We've Heard" on WCCO (CBS) 2012 Person of the Year: Barack Obama, the President (TIME)
Four Years of Speeches, One Signature Phrase |
The Most Tweeted Photo Ever (TIME)
our President B. Obama ice sculpture page
"Picture of the Week" 121219  2012 Miss Universe National Costume Show    The World
"Picture of the Week" 121219  Miss Universe 2012 (videos & photos), Las Vegas, Nevada, December 19, 2012 on NBC   our Nevada State page | our Miss Minnesota / America page    The new Miss Universe 2012 is Olivia Culpo from USA
"Picture of the Week" 121219  Frost Flowers in the central Arctic Ocean (Daily Mail) December 16, 2012    The Arctic / Arctic Circle    our Global Warming page (meet Polar Explorer Will Steger)
"Picture of the Week" 121219  Moscow holds vintage military parade in Red Square (VIDEO, PHOTOS) (RT)    Russia
121219 "We've Heard" on WCCO (CBS) December 9, 2012  Jenni Rivera, killed in crash, remembered at memorial (USA Today) | Jenni Rivera memorial: Fans travel from afar, even without tickets (LA Times) | Jenni Rivera Home Page
Jenni Rivera - Basta Ya (Pop) ft. Marco Antonio Solís (YouTube)
121218 7 valuable associate degrees (MSN)
121218 What can President Obama do about gun violence? (France 24)
Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ pulled off radio after Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting: report  (NY Daily News)
NRA Facebook page goes dark after Newtown school shooting
(FOX, Yahoo)
121218 Supreme Court Gun Ruling Doesn’t Block Proposed Controls (New York times, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 121218  Minnesota's Winter: After First Snowstorm  4    121212
"Picture of the Week" 121218  A new video captures the giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis tumbling through space on its flyby of Earth (Dec. 14, 2012,, Yahoo)
Asteroids ( | Asteroids (NASA) |  Asteroid (Wikipedia)   
Asteroids and Comets (National Geographic)
Words?:  Meteorite (Wikipedia) 隕石 |  Meteor (Wikipedia) Shooting Star or Falling Star  ミーティア | Meteoroid (Wikipedia) 流星物質 | Meteor Shower (Wikipedia) 流星群

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