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"Picture of the Week" 121031  "Happy and Safe Halloween! Bundle up and take it easy on the candy."  Vampires Around the World (MSN) | Vampires photos (Google)
"Picture of the Week" 121031 Happy Halloween!  Halloween (Revising the page: Work in Progress), October 31st 
Halloween Extravaganza (BareBones) | Gunds Ghouls (Maplewood, MN) | Trail of Terror
121031 Vampires Around the World (MSN) 
October 31, 2012 Here is What to Watch on TV This Halloween (USA Today) 
We know "It's the Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown" ...

121030-1031 Star Wars Episode 7: First Reactions From a Massive Fan (Huffington Post) | George Lucas Says Disney's 'Star Wars' Could Last 100 Years (MTV)  Info Resources: WCCO (CBS)
"Picture of the Week" 121030 First eyes EVER SEEN (by definition) appeared 700 million years ago (Register, Google) - "A photo of a Jellyfish looking at you" |  New study sheds light on how and when vision evolved (University of Bristol, Google) - A cuttlefish's eye photo
Metazoan opsin evolution reveals a simple route to animal vision", Proc. of the National Academy of Science (PNAS)
Vertebrates and Invertebrates
"Picture of the Week" 121030  "Nature Notes" 1  American Goldfinch (male, winter)  オウゴンヒワ   from our Nature Walk on October 27, 2012
"Picture of the Week" 121029-1030  Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast (MSN)  |  Sandy's US toll climbs to 35; 8 million-plus without power (MSN) Hurricane Sandy speeds towards landfall (CBS)  |  Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm's Path (121028, ABC)  |  Crew woman dies after HMS Bounty* replica sinks (Chicago Tribune)
HMS Bounty: The British Tall Ship (Wikipedia)
Hurricane Sandy (National Hurricane Center)  | 
ハリケーン Hurricane, Tropical cyclone (Wikipedia)  |  our Weather page
"Picture of the Week" 121029  Finding Bigfoot: Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage (MSN) | Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot in Virginia? (MSN)       Bigfoot (Wikipedia) ビッグフット | BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization)
"Picture of the Week" 121029  "Nature Notes"  3  It looks like this Blue Jay gets an acorn     from our Nature Walk on October 28, 2012 アオカケス
MLB 121028 San Francisco Giants win the 2012 World Series.
"Picture of the Week" 121028  "Nature Notes"  1  Ice begins to form  |  2  Downy Woodpecker looks for worms  キツツキ  from our Nature Walk on October 28, 2012
October 27, Saturday "Continue to have a great weekend everyone!"

"Picture of the Week" 121027  Million Puppet March November 3, 2012, Washington D.C.  |  ‘Million Puppet March’ planned for DC to defend PBS funding 3 days before election (Washington Post)  PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)   Information Resources: Pioneer Press
Puppets photos    パペット行進        Presidential Election 2012
"Picture of the Week" 121026  TGIF photos (MSN)  TGIF: Thank God It's Friday!
October 26, 2012: "Yippee, finally it's Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!"
TGIF may remind you of "Last Friday Night TGIF" by Katy Perry.
"Picture of the Week" 121026  Autumn Meadowhawk (Dragonfly)
"Picture of the Week" 121026  "Health Secrets of Sushi" (Yahoo video)   Reluctantly Healthy
Chef Jet says, "Sushi is easy to make. 
Seaweeds are negative calorie foods."
"Picture of the Week" 121025-1026  "He loves me ... He loves me not!" video    ”好き ...  嫌い”   "He loves me ... He loves me lots"     ”好き ... 大好き”
A few days ago we heard "He loves me ... He loves me lots" on WCCO (CBS) radio. Wikipedia says it's a humorous twist on the game,
"He loves me ... He loves me not" or "She loves me ... She love me not."
"He loves me ... He loves me not" or "She loves me ... She loves me not" is
a game, originating in France. Information Resources: Wikipedia
”好き ... 大好き”は”好き ...  嫌い”をひねったユーモアのあるゲーム
”好き ... 大好き”を最近、ラジオで聞きました。”好き ...  嫌い”ゲームは、フランス生まれだそうです。
121025 October 24, 2012 Margaret Osborne DuPont, US tennis great, dies at 94 (MSN Fox, AP) | International Tennis Hall of Fame, New Port, Rhode Island  Our Rhode Island page
121025 "Hey, we saw a little bit of snow in the morning." :-(

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