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Halloween, October 31st 

121015 121014 Kyle Bennett dies at 33; Olympic BMX cyclist (LA Times) BMX: Bicycle motocross
"Picture of the Week" 121015  Booya World Championship Part 1 - South St. Paul Fall Festival:  1a / 1b  Enjoying Booya  |  2a  South St. Paul Jaycees Booya       シチュー (Stew made throughout the Upper Midwestern United State)     our Eat page
"Picture of the Week" 121015  Camouflaged Animals: Can you spot the cleverly camouflaged critters? (GrindTV, Yahoo) 121012  |  More Camouflaged Animals:  1  |  2  (Mother Nature Network)    our Wildlife photo page
121014 Arlen Specter dies at 82; longtime senator was a political maverick (LA Times) | Senator Arlen Specter dies (NBC video)
121014 Skydiver jumps into stratosphere 24 miles over New Mexico (Reuters, MSN, Google)    our New Mexico State page
"Picture of the Week" 121014  St. Paul Art Crawl  121012-1014 Spring & Fall  |  Video: Saint Paul Art Crawl, Spring 2007    our Art page
"Picture of the Week" 121014  Spirit of America Cheerleading & Dance Team Championship (Revised photo page)
Note: The pic of University of Minnesota Cheerleaders in the Homecoming Parade ("Picture of the Week" 0939, 121013) reminds us of the Spirit of America Cheerleading & Dance Team Championship.

"Picture of the Week" 121013  "Space Shuttle is Huge!" Videos: Space shuttle Endeavour crawls through Los Angeles (MSN, Reuters) Space shuttle Endeavour - 170,000 lbs - continues its journey though Los Angeles 121013      our California State page
California Science Center A Space Shuttle Over Los Angeles (NASA, Astronomy Photo of the Day, September 26, 2012)    Space Shuttle Endeavour on the way to the California Science Center.    スペースシャトル Endeavour
121013 Gary Collins Dead: Legendary TV Actor And Host Dies (Huffington Post, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 121013  Zombie Pub Crawl 121013  Videos: Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl:  1  |  2  |  Zombie Walk  from San Diego Comic Con 2011
Top 25 Zombie Movies of All Time (        Zombie (Wikipedia)
ゾンビ    our Minnesota State page
"Picture of the Week" 121013  Homecoming Parade photos (Revised photo pages)  |  Homecoming Letter 173, Letter 174  |  レター 173 レター 174 
It's Homecoming Season! October 7-14, 2012 U of Minnesota Homecoming: Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Football Game (121013 Minnesota loses on Homecoming), etc. 
Zombie Pub Crawl
121012 "OMG, TGIF, YAY, Have a great weekend!"
St. Paul Art Crawl 1012-1014

"Picture of the Week" 121012  Giant Car Show - South St. Paul Festival "1971 VW (Volkswagen)  mini T Bucket  Dune bug (Dune Buggy?)":  1  Front Left 3/4 View  |  2  Rear View  |  3  Interior  |  Our Classic Car page  |  10 Best Looking Classic Cars of All Time (Huffington Post)
"Picture of the Week" 121011  Milkweed: 1  Milkweed pod opens  |  2  Milkweed seed
121011 Yale finds second diamond planet (Register)

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