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Halloween, October 31st

121010 "Heath Notes"  9 Symptoms We Don't Worry About -- but Should (MSN)
"Picture of the Week" 121010  An eagle snatches a (baby) crocodile photographed by Mark Sheridan-Johnson, Tanzania (Telegraph, Yahoo)  We've never heard an eagle attacks a crocodile. Telegraph's article says, "A baby crocodile, which when fully grown would expect to be top of the food chain, has become lunch for a hungry bird."  See our Prey page (Food Chain, フードチェイン )
"Picture of the Week" 121010  2012 Election 3  "Vote YES" button  |  4  "Vote NO" sticker        Minnesota Marriage Amendment - November 12 Ballot - Vote No? Vote Yes?   Other Info Resources: On the Road Again, Southview Blvd, South St. Paul, MN
Preseason Begins
121010 "We Heard" on MPR 121009 Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan activist, 14, shot in Swat (BBC, video)  |  Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (BBC, 2009)  Other Info Resources: Pioneer Press, Google
WNBA:The Minnesota Lynx are headed back to the WNBA Finals "Go Lynx!"

"Picture of the Week" 121009  2012 Election 1  "Vote YES" yard sign  |  2  "Vote NO" yard sign        Minnesota Marriage Amendment - November 12 Ballot - Vote No? Vote Yes?
"Picture of the Week" 121009  Amazing Pumpkin Carvings (MSN) | Pumpkin Carvings (Yahoo)
MLB  Play offs
"Picture of the Week" 121008  A Peregrine Falcon Chases a tightly-knit flock of Starlings over Rome at dusk (Discovery video, MSN) | European Starling  ホシムクドリ | Falcon Babies and Adults
We've seen a flock of starlings dancing in the sky, but this video is amazing.
121008 "Heath Notes" Tomatoes for Stroke Prevention? (Google)
121008 Happy Columbus Day!  2nd Mon. in October Columbus Day   Letter 7 | レター 7   Check out our Columbus' Ships photos
"Picture of the Week" 121008  Palm Warbler (Fall), MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge
"Picture of the Week" 121007  Headless Dead Animal on the trail during Craig's Walk, MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge
121007 Chicago Marathon, Chicago, Illinois (IL) < > For more info on marathons, check here.
121007 The Twin Cities Marathon
マラソン(Minneapolis    St. Paul)  Letter | レター  93,  137  Photos: Twin Cities Marathon photos (フォト)
"Picture of the Week" 121006  Lake Elmo Park Reserve Part III:  Equestrian Trails1  |  2  |  Trail Ride, Lake Elmo Park Reserve (video)
121006 World Championship Booya Cook-Off, On the Road Again,
Southview Blvd, South St. Paul, MN
Fall Colors

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