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London 2012 Paralympic Games     Aug. 29 - Sept. 9, 2012
MN Renaissance Festival

"Picture of the Week" 120914   Washington County Bluegrass Festival Part II4  High Strung String Band  |  5  Barley Jacks with Brian Wicklund  |  6  Little girls dancing to the music     ブルーグラスミュージック
"Picture of the Week" 120914   Sunrise, Bryce Canyon by Munish Singla (National Geographic)     Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
"Picture of the Week" 120914   Big Cat Nap in Kenya, Africa by Stephen W. Oachs (EarthShots, Photo of the Day, Aug. 27, 2012)  "We like this photo."
120914 "Health Notes"  Work Stress Linked to More Heart Attacks (TIME, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 120913   Turkey Vulture soaring on thermals 1  |  2  |  3  |  4    ヒメコンドル上昇気流に乗り、旋回中
"Picture of the Week" 120913   Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory - Hawk Weekend Festival (Revised photo page):  Lake Superior from Hawk Ridge  2a  |  2b  |  2c  Raptor Watch (Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons)  |  3  Raptor Count:  3a Counting |  3b 2006 Fall Migration (as of 060921) | Migratory Raptor Examples: 3c "Northern Harrier" | 3d "Sharp-shinned Hawk"  |  4  Raptor Banding & Release:  "Sharp-shinned Hawks"  4a  Raptor Band | 4b Sharp-shinned Hawk (Up-Close) | 4c  Two Hawks | 4d  One Hawk | 4e  Releasing  |  5  Bird Banding & Release:  Northern Flicker "Yellow-shafted Flicker"       
Our stories on Hawk Ridge
Hawk Weekend Festival -a celebration of birds- , Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, Duluth, MN < >, September 14-16, 2012
120913 "Health Notes"  NYC bans big, sugary drinks at eateries, theaters - a new, experimental front in the war on obesity (Newsday, Google)  肥満防ぎの戦いの試み
120911 "Health Notes"  Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Healthy For Weight Loss? (, Google) 
"Picture of the Week" 120912   9-11 TRIBUTE  Our Community Remembers  Memorial Concert Part II 4a / 4b (Up-Close) Flag of Honor  |  5  Memorial Concert Poster  |  6a / 6b (Up-Close) United Airlines 175 victims & World Trade Center victims list  |  7a / 7b (Up-Close) United Airlines Flight 93 victims & World Trade Center victims list    9-11追悼 メモリアル コンサート  
September 3, 2012  Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies (USA Today, Google)  |  Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Self-Proclaimed Messiah Who Built Religious Movement, Dies (New York Times, Google)
Dirty Bomb Threat Lurks in U.S. Hospitals, Fed Study Warns (ABC)  |  ‘Dirty bomb’ threat at hospitals remains, GAO report says (Washington Post, Pioneer Press)
"Picture of the Week" 120911   9-11 TRIBUTE  Our Community Remembers  Memorial Concert Part I 1  |  2  |  3a / 3b  (Up-Close)    9-11追悼 メモリアル コンサート
9-11 Tribute Our community Remembers Memorial Concert September 11, 2012, Lake Harriet Band Shell, Minneapolis, MN
9/11, 2012  Patriot Day
120911 "Health Notes"  Fish Oil No Lifesaver, Study Finds (ABC, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 120909   Washington County Bluegrass Festival 1  Festival flyer  |  2  Bluegrass Festival  |  3  Roe Family Singers    ブルーグラスミュージック
"Picture of the Week" 120908   Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration (Revised photo page): 1  Three outlaws ride into the quiet Minnesota town  |  2  Three outlaws enter the bank  |  3  The James-Younger Gang robs the bank  |  4   Gang members flee the town 1  |  5  Gang members flee the town 2  |  6  Jesse James and Charlie Pitts    ジェシー ジェイムズ銀行強盗に失敗
Outlaw Jesse James 無法者 ジェシー ジェイムズ   September 7, 1876
The Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration, Northfield, MN < > September 5 - 9, 2012
"Picture of the Week" 120908   Grape Stomp Competition (Revised photo page):  1  Grape Stomp Competition  |  2  Grape Stomp Competition (Up-Close)   ぶどうの足踏み競争
Grape Stomp Festival at Saint Croix Vineyards < >, Stillwater, MN, September 8 & 9, 2012
September 8, 2012 Washington County Bluegrass Festival, Lake Elmo Park Reserve
Laura Ingells Wilder Days mid-September  120908-0909 < >< >
Concrete and Grass Lowertown Music Festival 120906-0908  Artists: Gary Louris of the Jayhawks, ...

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