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The Dog Days of Summer  July 3 - August 11

120808 A Man & His Dog - great photo (Pioneer Press)
"Picture of the Week"
120808  The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games are in full swing. London 2012 Olympic Games     July 27 - August 12, Great Britain   We have seen several Olympic athletes (Olympians) at some events. See the Olympians' photos. ロンドンオリンピック盛り上がっています。 イベントで見たオリンピック出場選手の写真紹介します。
"Picture of the Week"
120808  Star Gazing (Revised Version)        天体観察教室
120807 August 6, 2012
Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies (USA Today) | Marvin Hamlisch, composer of The Sting and A Chorus Line, dies aged 68 (BBC)   Videos:  The Inspiring Music of Marvin Hamlisch  Marvin Hamlisch - Bond 77 - The James Bond Theme
120807 "Health Notes"
Lifting weights may protect men against Type 2 diabetes (CBS) | A Prospective Study of Weight Training and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Men (Archives of Internal Medicine)  Info Resources: Google
"Picture of the Week" 120807  Irish Fair photos (Revised Version)  August 10-12, 2012 Irish Fair
August 7, 2012
1st Tues. in August National Night Out <
"Picture of the Week" 120806 National Night Out Photos (Revised Version)  1st Tues. National Night Out: Some communities have been doing Night to Unite since 2009. 2012 Nextdoor < >: free private social network for your neighborhood. For more info, read Letter 82 | レター  82  for National Night Out
120806 August 5, 2012 Chavela Vargas, famed Mexican singer, dies (New York Daily News) Info Resources: Pioneer Press
120806 August 2, 2012 John Keegan, Historian Who Put a Face on War, Dies (New York Times)  Info Resources: Pioneer Press

"Picture of the Week" 120806  Cecropia Cocoon    Cecropia 蛾のサナギ  Watch a Cercopia Moth Metamorphosis video | Life Cycle of Butterflies and Moths (Complete Metamorphosis) 完全変態
"Picture of the Week" 120805  Sod
"Picture of the Week" 120804  Birding Walk at Maplewood Nature Center photo:  1  Eastern Phoebe  |  2  Young Mallards
Aug. 3-5 Uptown Art Fair < >
"Picture of the Week" 120803  American Solar Challenge photo Part VIII: Univ. of Michigan  17  |  18a / 18b  |  19  |  Congratulations to The University of Michigan Solar Car Team! They won the 2012 American Solar Challenge.         ソーラーカー クロスカントリー ロード イベント - 総合優勝したミシガン大のソーラーカー
120802 July 31, 2012
Tony Sly, guitarist and frontman for No Use for a Name, found dead: New York Daily News | Tony Sly - MySpace   Info Resources: Google
120802 America's Top Colleges (Forbes, MSN)

"August 1st already?"
NFL Training Camps get underway
"Picture of the Week" 120802  American Solar Challenge photo Part VII: Univ. of Michigan  14  |  15  |  16  |  Congratulations to The University of Michigan Solar Car Team! They won the 2012 American Solar Challenge.         ソーラーカー クロスカントリー ロード イベント - 総合優勝したミシガン大のソーラーカー
Washington County Fair Aug. 1 - 5  < >
0801 Anniversary of I-35W Bridge Tragedy Aug. 1, 2007, Minneapolis, MN  Aug. 1, 2012, A look back: The I-35W bridge collapse August 1, 2007 (StarTribune) | Minnesotans Pause on 5-Year Anniversary of 35W Bridge Collapse (KSTP - ABC) |  5 years later, I-35W bridge catastrophe motivates officials (USA Today)  For more info (English/日本語)
120801  July 31, 2012  Gore Vidal, celebrated author, playwright, dies: USA Today | BBC  Info Resources: Google | Pioneer Press

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