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Wimbledon Championships, England June 25-July 8; see Tennis Grand Slams
"Picture of the Week" 120630   Twin Cities Jazz Festival photos - Delfeayo Marsalis    ツインシテイー ジャズ フェステイバル  Delfeayo Marsalis videos
"Health Notes" June 29, 2012  Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus across country, ... (CBS, Google) | West Nile Virus (CDC)
"Picture of the Week" 120629   Three Tree Swallow babies in the nest box    三羽のミドリ ツバメの赤ちゃん、巣箱の中で、親の運んでくれるえさを待ちます
June 28
-30 Twin Cities Jazz Festival | Artist Info |
Jon Weber & Alex Han "My Favorite Things" (Twin Cities Jazz Festival, 2009, video)
2012 NBA Draft, Newark, NJ, June 28
"Picture of the Week" 120628   Eastern Bluebird     イースタン ブルーバード   plus  < > Eastern Bluebird Nest Cam (Inside and Outside Nest Box) from New York State Bluebird Org.  As of June 28, 2012, it looks like a pair raises a second brood. 
"Health Notes" 120627 Can coffee improve your heart health? (phillyBurbs)
"Picture of the Week" 120627   The 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Contest video, Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, California June 22, 2012:  1 (Sonoma-Marin Fair)  |  2 (SF Gate)    Unique Event  ユニークなイベント
"Picture of the Week" 120627   Independence Day, 1827 (revised photo page)    1827年の独立記念日   July 4, 1776 U.S. Declares Independence
120626 Writer and Filmmaker Nora Ephron dies: Nora Ephron Remembered by Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks (People Magazine) | Nora Ephron brought elegance and wit to screen (USA Today) Info Resources: WCCO (CBS)
120626 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS)
London's Big Ben clock tower is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower to mark the queen's 60th year on the British throne (Reuters) 英国のエリザベス女王在位60年を記念して、Big Benの名を Elizabeth Towerに変更 Pic of the Week (0765 120604 QUEEN ELIZABETH II - DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS videos 1/2 June 3, 2012  Queen Elizabeth leads 1,000-strong Jubilee flotilla (CBS)  | The British Monarchy 
120626 Condors threatened by 'epidemic' lead poisoning from hunters' bullets (Christian Science Monitor, Google) video
"Picture of the Week" 120626   Independence DayCapitol Centennial Celebration (2005), Fireworks tent sale (revised photo page)    独立記念日: 花火テントセール
"Picture of the Week" 120626   Independence Day Fireworks  (revised photo page)    独立記念日花火大会
"Health Notes" June 25, 2012  Regular Exercise Can Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk (TIME, Google)
"Picture of the Week" 120625   Independence Day Parade  (revised photo page)  独立記念日パレード
"Picture of the Week" 120624   Flash Floods swamp Duluth MN (TIME) June 20, 2012  |  Minnesota, Wisconsin cope with flooding (CNN) | Lake Superior Zoo Animals Moving To Como Zoo During Clean Up (WCCO - CBS)
Duluth MN Flash Flood June 2012 videos:  1  |  2 
Flash Floods occur quickly and can be really powerful. 鉄砲水は、突然起こるので、たいへん危険です。Flash Flood 鉄砲水 video :
Flash Flood Footage by David Rankin     our Weather page

"Picture of the Week" 120623   Mom Osprey and their babies wait for Dad to return with a fish ミサゴのお母さん、赤ちゃんと一緒に、お父さんミサゴが、魚を届けてくれるのを巣で、待ちます
June 22, Friday  "TGIF and Have a great weekend everyone!"  :-)
120622 Take Your Dog to Work Day 職場に自分の犬を連れて行くことの出来る日
2012 NHL Draft, Pittsburgh, PA   120622-0623
"Picture of the Week" 120622  Cecropia (moth) laying eggs on the small tree bark:  1a / 1b (Up-Close)    Cecropia (蛾の一種)が、小さな木の幹に、卵を産み落としています。大きな蛾で、その大きさは、クロアゲハと同じ位です。
Summer solstice celebrated at Stonehenge video (Telegraph) | Summer Solstice 2012: Astro-Science & Pagan Ritual (Surfersvillage)
NBA 120621 Miami Heat win 2012 NBA Championship over Oklahoma Thunder  1 (Washington Post)  |  2 (ESPN)
"Picture of the Week" 120621  Owl's Smooth and Silent Flights (videos):  1  |  2  |  3   フクロウの静かで、滑らかな飛行:実際、木の枝から飛び立つ時の音しか聞こえず、後は、聞こえません。だから、夜、ウサギやマウスを捕獲出来るそうです。Our 'Owls in the wild' - photos
Wings allow for silent flight: owls: natural nighttime "stealth craft":  1 (Encyclopedia of Life) |  2 (Owl Pages) 3 (National Geographic) |  4 (BBC Nature) ;  Owl (Wikipedia: English/Japanese)
120621 June 20, 2012  Artist LeRoy Neiman dies (New York Times)  |  LeRoy Neiman dies; his brushstrokes captured motion, emotion of sports (CNN)  |  LeRoy Neiman  Information Resources: Pioneer Press  A native of St. Paul Minnesota
120620 "Education Notes"
Those 857 Desks? A Message for the Candidates (New York Times, Google)

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