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June 20, 2012  Artist LeRoy Neiman dies (New York Times)  |  LeRoy Neiman dies; his brushstrokes captured motion, emotion of sports (CNN)  |  LeRoy Neiman  Information Resources: Pioneer Press  A native of St. Paul Minnesota
"Picture of the Week" 120620  Swedish Midsommar Festival (revised photo page)    June 20, 2012  Summer Solstice:  Letter  70  |  レター  70     夏至
June 20, 2012
 Summer Solstice:  Letter  70  |  レター  70     夏至 
Summer Solstice 2012: Longest day of year - how does daylight compare around the world? (Washington Post)  | Why It's the Longest Day of the Year (National Geographic)  |  Summer Solstice: 8 modern celebrations of the sun (mother nature network)  ---  Google | Summer solstice celebrated at Stonehenge (Telegraph) | Summer Solstice 2012: Astro-Science & Pagan Ritual (Surfersvillage)
What dads really think about Father's Day (Fox, Google)
Asian Immigrants Overtake Hispanics as Fastest-Rising Group (San Francisco Chronicle: SF Gate, Google)
School Year's End:  Letter  1  |  レター  1     学年末
"Picture of the Week" 120618  It's crazy! High-Wire Walk over Niagara Falls from the U.S. side to the Canadian side, June 15, 2012 (ABC videos): 1 Niagara Falls Daredevil to Cross on Tightrope (ABC) | 2  Nik Wallenda Reflects on Historic Niagara Falls High-Wire Walk (ABC, 120618 including video) |  3 Megastunts (ABC)  He will walk over the Grand Canyon on a highwire.
タイトロープウオーク(綱渡り)Nik Wallenda さん、ナイアガラ滝の上を米国側からカナダ側への横断綱渡りに成功。彼の次の大きな挑戦は、グランドキャニオンの上を綱渡りするそうです。
10 Great Factory Tours And How To Fly There (Huffington Post)  Information Resources: Pioneer Press  "Made in the U.S.A." by George Hobica 120617
"It's Summer Vacation Time!"
School ends and summer vacation begins  学校(の学年末)が終わり、夏休みが始まりました。
1991 L.A. police beating victim Rodney King found dead (Reuters, MSN)
Happy Father's Day   Letter 67レター 67    Photo Gallery  
"Picture of the Week" 120617   Happy Father's Day!    Mom and Dad Goose Help Their 14 Goslings Cross the Road - Part II  4  |  5a / 5b (Up-Close) |  6       14羽の ベービーグース(ゴスリング)たちの道路横断を助ける両親グース   鳥の子供たちは、人間の子供たちの振る舞いと似ていますね。とにかく、親は、たいへん
"Picture of the Week" 120616 Happy Father's Day!    Mom and Dad Goose Help Their 14 Goslings Cross the Road - Part I :  1  |  2  |  3     14羽の ベービーグース(ゴスリング)たちの道路横断を助ける両親グース
Father's Day is just around the corner (this coming Sunday, June 17th)  父の日
Graduation, Commencement, and Graduation Party  Letter 2レター 2   卒業、卒業式、卒業パーテー
"Health Notes" 120614 1
0,000 germ species live in and on healthy people (AP, Google)  えっ、私たちの体に、10,000個の微生物が住んでいるって?For more info, read Nature and Public Library of Science (published on June 13, 2012)  Information Resources: Pioneer Press
"Picture of the Week" 120615   5a / 5b (Up-Close) Young Muskrat    子供のMuskratが、葉っぱを食べています
120614 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS)  June 15, 2012  
Daredevil Nik Wallenda plans high-wire walk (tightrope walk) over Niagara Falls  1  (Albany Times Union) |  2  (ABC video) | 3 (ABC)  We heard of this walk around few months ago on the radio.
"Picture of the Week" 120614   Father's Day (revised photo page)  父の日
The U.S. Open Golf Championship (Golf Major) < > Olympic Club - Lake Course - San Francisco, California   June 14-17
June 14th of each year  Flag Day    Letter 67レター 67
Bicycle Festival - Nature Valley Grand Prix (Photos), St. Paul, Cannon Falls, Minneapolis, Mankato, and Stillwater, MN, June13-17 < >
Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic, the National Sports Center, Blaine, MN   June 7-9
"41" Former President H.W. Bush on HBO: 1  (HBO synopsis) |  2  (HBO)  |  3  (CBS video)  June 14
, 2012   Info Resources - TV Weekly, Pioneer Press On Tuesday,  June 12th, President George H. W. Bush celebrates his 88th birthday.
New "Dallas"(1978-1991  prime-time soap) on TNT   TNT Drama (Rise to Power video clip)  June 13, 2012  
Info Resources - TV Weekly, Pioneer Press
June 13, 2012 "Nature Notes"
June 13, 2012
Lance Armstrong Faces Formal Doping Charges (Wall Street Journal, Google)
LA Kings win first Stanley Cup  1 (Fox)  |  2 (NHL)
"Picture of the Week" 120611   Graduation Time (videos): High School Graduation Examples:  1  (Fairview High School, Boulder, CO)  |  2   高校の卒業式例
Top High School Graduates from Pioneer Press
Northern Spark (photo & video)  June 9 & 10, 2012 | Northern Spark all-night art festival:  1 KARE 11 (NBC) video
June 10 Tony Awards  (watch videos)  Theatre of the Year

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