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"Picture of the Week" 120531   Scripps National Spelling Bee: The 6-year-old National Spelling Bee, Lori Anne Madison is amazing.  1 (USA Today)  |  2 (Time)
Scripps National Spelling Beeとしてコンテストに参加。言葉に加えて、いろいろな事を知っている6才女の子、すごいですね。また、大人の私たちが、恥ずかしくなります。May 30-31 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C. on ESPN
"Picture of the Week" 120531   Poppies in bloom
"Picture of the Week" 120531   Raccoon Climbs the tree trunk    木登りをするタヌキ(初めて見ました)
"Picture of the Week" 120530   Roosting Great Horned Owl with a dead rabbit    捕獲したウサギのそばで、休むフクロウ
"Picture of the Week" 120529   Scripps National Spelling Bee (videos): National Spelling Bee Champion 2011 | Obama tries to spell 'cymotrichous' | Spelling Bee "Numnah" | Best of the Bee
Champions and Their Winning Words | The Toughest Words From The 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship (WORDS)  
May 30-31, 2012  Scripps National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C. on ESPN
"It's very hard to win the Scripps national spelling bee. Also it's very hard to watch." たいへんなコンテストですね。
May 29, 2012 "Nature Notes"
Profile in Courage Award: Former President John F. Kennedy's May 29 birthday
May 28, 2012 Memorial Day - Last Mon. in May  Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62   Memorial Day photos
"Picture of the Week" 120528   Memorial Day 2012 (videos) : Obama lays Memorial Day wreath | President Obama Commemorates Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery | Weekly Address: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes this Memorial Day
Memorial Day photos | Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62
May 27, 2012 Indy 500
May 27, 2012 (Sun.) Pentecost  Letter 125 | レター 125  Global Day of Prayer < >
May 26, 2012 "Nature Notes"

"Picture of the Week" 120525 "Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone."  Memorial Day photos | Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62
Memorial Day is just around the corner!
Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching!

"Picture of the Week" 120524 Beautiful Women  2012 Maxim Hot 100 - The Definitive List of the World's Most Beautiful Women, May 22, 2012  |  Maxim Hot 100 List 2012: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj And LaLa Anthony Earn Spots (PHOTOS) || 120425 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS News)  Beyonce was named as the People's 2012 World's Most Beautiful Woman || 120425 Yahoo / ABC Good Morning America  Florence Colgate: Perfect, Natural Beauty, London   美人
"Picture of the Week" 120524 "The Flesh-Eating Bacteria" Infection   Advocate: Story of rare bacterial infection raising awareness (videos) | What Is a "Flesh-Eating" Bacterial Infection? | The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation (commonly known as "The Flesh-Eating Bacteria") | Necrotizing fasciitis (壊死性筋膜炎)  
May 23, 2012 Facebook IPO
: What the %$#! happened? May 18, 2012
French Open
May 22 - June 10 
Tennis Grand Slam
May 20, 2012 Robin Gibb, one of the three brothers of the Bee Gees, dies in England:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4   "Robin Gibb, RIP"  Info Resources: Pioneer Press     "Stayin' Alive" "Saturday Night Fever" 
"Picture of the Week" 120523  Devastating Joplin, Missouri EF-5 Tornado - May 22, 2011 (video)
May 22, 2012 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS News) Photos: Joplin Missouri one year after killer tornado | Joplin, Mo., marks year since deadly tornado | Day of Unity | Joplin, MO あの大災害をもたらした竜巻から一年  Our Missouri page | We also remember that on the same day, May 22, 2011, a tornado struck north Minneapolis - the heron rookery was also destroyed. | Our Weather page  ||  Tornado Safety 1  |  2  |  3  (Safety Tips/ 安全対策) / Tornado Sirens:  1  |  2    外出中は、なるべく、しっかりした建物に逃げ込み、地下室があれば、そこが一番安全と聞いています。竜巻により、大木がバタバタと倒されて行くのです。ビデオ撮影は、プロにまかせ、まずは、身の安全を考えましょう。多くの会社などで、一年に一回、竜巻避難訓練が行われると思います。私たちも、ある会社で働いていた時、避難訓練に参加、地下に避難しました。
May 22, 2012  "Health Notes"  Advocate: Story of rare bacterial infection raising awareness (videos) | What Is a "Flesh-Eating" Bacterial Infection? | The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation (commonly known as "The Flesh-Eating Bacteria") | Necrotizing fasciitis (壊死性筋膜炎)  2、3年程前、ミネソタで、確か?、この病気で、小さな子供が亡くなったことを覚えています。こんな怖い病気があるのですね。犠牲者の早い回復をお祈りいたします。珍しい病気と思っていましたが、どの程度、珍しいかの統計結果はないようです。切り傷などが、異常な早さで、大きくなる時は、直ぐに、病院に行き、手当て(検査)を受けることと理解しました。
"Picture of the Week" 120522  Amazing Video by Cory Poole: Time-Lapse Video of Incredible Annular Solar Eclipse  日食  May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse 2012 | Solar Eclipse 2012: Annular Eclipse Makes 'Ring of Fire' | Twin Cities, MN "We saw a partial solar eclipse at around sunset. It was awesome!" ミネソタでは、部分日食しか見られませんでしたが、丁度、日食のおこる日没頃に、天気が良くなり、部分日食が観察出来ました。Cool!
"Picture of the Week" 120520   Young Common Loon  若い(多分、一才位)Loon

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