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"Picture of the Week" 120420  War of 1812 Bicentennial 米英戦争200周年記念 1  |  2  |  War of 1812 Bicentennial photos      War of 1812 (戦争):  1  |  2
April 20 Weed Day  1  |  2 (including in Japanese 大麻)
"Picture of the Week" 120419  Young Bald Eagle flying over Lake Harriet    Harriet湖の上を飛ぶ 若い白頭ワシ Decorah Eagle Nest Cam, Iowa 両親ワシと赤ちゃんワシのリアルタイムビデオ
"We Hear" on WCCO (CBS News) April 19, 2012 Levon Helm, Drummer and Singer of the Band, Dead | Levon Helm
"Picture of the Week" 120418  Gas Prices are getting steep again: $3.799 per Gallon    ガソリン代また、上がって来ました   :-(
120418 "Dick Clark, R.I.P."  'America's oldest teen' Dick Clark dies | TV legend Dick Clark (From American Bandstand to New Yearís Rockiní Eve) | The Man Who Made Rock íní Roll Safe Enough for America
"Picture of the Week" 120417  Curtis, the Dog Trainer, walks a large group of dogs around Lake Harriet  -  ドッグトレーナーのCurtisさん、15匹の犬をHarriet湖のトレイルの散歩に連れ出す
It's Tax Time!  2012 Tax Day will be Tuesday, April 17, 2012
April 17  "YIPPEE!  Taxes are done. We get money back!"
"Nature Notes" 120417  a Blue Heron, Hermit Thrushes, a Yellow-rumpted Warbler, Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, a young Bald Eagle, Horned Grebes, a Great Horned Owl pair roosting, a Blue Jay, Robins, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, a Chickadee pair building their nest, Crows, Mallards, a Northern Harrier, an Osprey, a Raccoon sleeping in a tree, Western Chorus Frog calls, Butterflies, a June Bug**; In Bloom: Virginia Bluebell, Iris, Hyacinth, Tulip, Crabapple  ** We've never seen before
"Nature Notes" 120416  Egrets, Crows, Mallards, a Deer, Butterflies, Western Chorus Frog calls

"Picture of the Week" 120416  Lake Harriet and Lake Harriet Band Shell  -  Harriet Band Shell 劇場
OMG, My taxes are not done yet!  120416   明日が、所得税申告締め切り
"Nature Notes" 120415 Grackles (territorial calls**), Red-winged Blackbirds, a Turkey Vulture, Chickadees, Cardinals, Mallards, Several Muskrats (they aren't afraid of us?), Geese, Deer, a Green Darner dragonfly, Water Striders, Ferns Emerging   ** We've never heard before
"Picture of the Week" 120415  Great Horned Owl pair roosting side by side    Great Horned Owlフクロウのペアー、木の枝の上に、仲良く並んで、休みます
Today is April 13th. It's Friday the 13th.  "Friggatriskaidekaphobia"
"Nature Notes" 120412 Great Horned Owl pair, Horned Grebes, Gulls, Mallards, Geese   Our Nature photos
"Picture of the Week" 120413  4 Feet of Hail (April 12, 2012, Panhandle, Texas)   たくさんのヒョウが降り、1 m 20 cmの高さになる We've never heard of accumulations of hail stones like this before.  Our Weather photos
"Picture of the Week" 120412  Record Sturgeon (Over 240 lbs, 7-foot-3-inch long, 125 years old; tagged and released), Wisconsin April 11, 2012    1  |  2  |  3  レイクチョウザメ See more sturgeon photos
"Picture of the Week" 120411  Oak Flowers:  1a  Oak Tree with Flowers  |  1b  Oak Flowers and Young Leaves    ナラの花

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