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MLB  World Series - St. Louis Cardinals win World Series
NFL Super Bowl - New York Giants became Super Bowl champions
WNBA Finals: CONGRATS LYNX! Lynx win WNBA title
NHL Regular Season underway
NBA Regular Season underway
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Alabama beats LSU in BCS Championship Game  Football Net | ESPN
NCAA Hockey Regular Season underway
NCAA Basketball Regular Season
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2012 Presidential Election

"Please share your stories and photos with us. We'll sure give you credit for your stuff if we post it on our page."  January 22, 2012

State of State Speeches Calendar | State of the State Address (Japanese)

**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120220)  Iceboat 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |     アイスボート
Feb. 20, 2012 (3rd Mon.) プレジデント デー Letter:  28 | 111 | レター:  28 | 111  President's Day (Photos)  
Feb. 19, 2012 "Nature Notes": We spotted hawks, crows, chickadees, and downy woodpeckers on our walks at Phalen Regional Park and Maplewood Nature Center.
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120219)  Slippery" sign: "BEWARE    AREA SLIPPERY    SNOW AND ICE    ARE PRESENT"  雪や氷のため、滑りやすいので、注意して下さい  "Sign" photos
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120218)  Snowy Trails and "Trails are icy!!!" sign photos:  1  |  2  |  3     Jan. 22. 2012 雪の積もったパークトレイルと"Trails are icy!!!" サイン 
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120217)  "A Polar Bear and Penguins" snow sculpture Photo:  1  |  2  |  3   Annual Snow Sculpting Competition has been canceled, but we saw one snow sculpture.  雪彫刻コンペテイション中止:唯一の雪彫刻 - ペンギンたちのために本を読む北極熊
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120216, 0217)  The 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival - Ice Carving Competition Part II    Ice Carving Competition Photo 氷彫刻コンペテイション:  4a  Ice Sculpture / 4b Title "Das wintermachenmachine"氷彫刻 4c - 1 / 4c - 2 / 4c - 3  Up-Close  |
In the multi-block ice carving competition:  First place, $2,000: "Das Wintermachenmachine" by Dr. Seuss' Winter Making Machine (Rob Grams of Minneapolis, Terry Reis of Iowa and Tom Schiller of Hastings) | "Das wintermachenmachine" was created by Hennepin Technical College Culinary Arts Instructor Rob Graham and two longtime friends.
Feb. 15, 2012 Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton delivers his second Sate of the State Address   For more info, check out MPR News including his speech | MN Governor < >  
State of State Speeches Calendar | State of the State Address (Japanese)
Toy Fair おもちゃフェアー  Toy Fair, New York, New York (NY), Feb. 12-15, 2012
February 14th  Happy Valentine's Day バレンタインズ デー  Letter:  27  |  185  /  Letter (Japanese) 27  |  185
Valentine's Day Photos バレンタインズ デーフォトギャラリー
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120214)  Happy Valentine's Day  1  Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day  |  2  Valentine's Owl: Barn Owl  |  Sweethearts candies (Sweethearts Conversation Hearts) by NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) Sweethearts Conversation Hearts photos | Popular Valentine's Day gifts photos | Long-stemmed roses photos | Heart-shaped candy boxes photos
バレンタインデー 2012 
Feb. 13, 2012 "We Hear" on Fox Radio  February 14, 2012 Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Issue | 2012 Swimsuit
120213-0214 Westminster Dog Show, New York, New York     Our Dog Show photos 
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120212)  A "Ticker-Tape Parade" is New York City's special way of celebrating momentous events.
"Ticker-Tape Parade": 重大なイベントを祝うニュヨーク市のユニークなパレード

Feb. 12, 2012  Grammy Awards  Music of the Year    Academy (Oscars) Awards will be coming up in two weeks. Feb. 26, 2012
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120211)  The 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival - Autonomous Snow Plow Competition Part II    Photo:   6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10      ロボット除雪車による除雪競争    Autonomous snowplow Competition 2011: M.A.C.S.  video
120211 Whitney Houston, musical star, dies

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