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MLB  World Series - St. Louis Cardinals win World Series
NFL Super Bowl - New York Giants became Super Bowl champions
WNBA Finals: CONGRATS LYNX! Lynx win WNBA title
NHL Regular Season underway
NBA Regular Season underway
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Alabama beats LSU in BCS Championship Game  Football Net | ESPN
NCAA Hockey Regular Season underway
NCAA Basketball Regular Season
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2012 Presidential Election

"Please share your stories and photos with us. We'll sure give you credit for your stuff if we post it on our page."  January 22, 2012

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**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120210)  The 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival - Autonomous Snow Plow Competition Part I    Photo:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5    ロボット除雪車による除雪競争
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120209)  The 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival - Ice Carving Competition Part I    Photo:  1  |  2  |  3     氷彫刻
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120208)  No snow on the ground as of February 7, 2012. This is unusual for this time of year. This winter has been so mild so far, which we love.  2月7日現在、積雪がありません。こんなに雪が少なく、暖かい冬は、ミネソタで、経験したことがありません。カリフォルニアやフランスも暖冬のようです。
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120207)  The 2012 St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family    2012年度  セントポール  ウィンターカーニバル  ロイアルファミリー
"As most of you know, Valentine's Day is a week from today, on Feb. 14 --- Treat your sweetie to something sweet." February 7, 2012 バレンタインデーまで、丁度一週間
February 7, 2012  New York Giants' Super Bowl Victory Parade (Ticker-Tape Parade) | New York Giants
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120206)  Hoarfrost (Rime) Photo:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5     きれいな樹氷
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120205)  "Wet Floor" sign
120205 New York Giants became Super Bowl champions, beating New England Patriots for the second time in five years.
England vs. New York Giants NFL Super Bowl, Indianapolis, Indiana < >
For more info on Super Bowl, read our Super Bowl page, and/or  Letter|レター  22 (in Japanese), 19 (in Japanese) 109 (2004), 151 (2005), 181 (2006)
"Which team is your pick to win the 2012 Super Bowl?"
120205 Chinese Lantern Carnival, St. Paul, MN
Jan 26 - Feb 5  St. Paul Winter Carnival (Photos), St. Paul, MN セントポール ウィンターカーニバル < >
Letter | レター  30, 65, 107  More Winter Carnivals 
"Nature Notes" February 4, 2012 We again failed to see the snowy owl near Hastings in Dakota County, whose sighting was posted by Jim Otto online (MOU) at 10:30 a.m.: We made it to the place around 2:30 p.m., and there met several birders. Nobody saw the owl. Instead, we saw a hawk perching on farm equipment in a farm field at close range, a bald eagle flying overhead, and a huge flock of Mallards (about a thousand ducks) flying in formation (like European Starlings).
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120204)  View from the Observation Platform Photo:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4      February 4, 2012  on Crag's Birding Walk at Bloomington Visitor Center, MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge      ビジターセンターの展望台からの景色 
February 4, 2012 around 2:30 p.m. We failed to see the Snowy Owl - Dakota County, but could see a hawk, a bald eagle, and a huge flock of Mallards flying in formation (like starlings). 
"Nature Notes" February 4, 2012  Rime (or Hoarfrost) on trees, four White-tailed Deer, a flock of about eight House Finches, a male Red-bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpeckers, a Hairy Woodpecker, a Pileated Woodpecker calls, a Blue Jay (calls), Juncos, a male Cardinal, a European Starling, Crows, an Eagle nest, a few Muskrat lodges, Chickadees (calls), a Nuthatch (calls), a Sharp-shinned Hawk (?), a snow-covered Deer Trail, Gray Squirrels  
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120203)  "Which team is your pick to win the 2012 Super Bowl?" New England or New York Giants ? 
NFL Photos プロアメリカンフットボール写真: NFL Games | Super BowlNFL Fans | NFL Cheerleaders | NFL Team MascotsNFL Fans Tailgate | Super Bowl Party
Feb. 3, 2012  "Have a great weekend everyone!"
"Nature Notes"  February 2, 2012  We saw a flock of about 20 European Starlings on the roadside.
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 120202)  Happy Groundhog Day!  Cute Baby Groundhogs Photo:  1  Six Baby Groundhogs  |  2  Three Baby Groundhogs (Up-Close) グラウンドホッグ(ウドチャック)の赤ちゃん
Groundhog Day February 2nd:
Contrary to the legend, male groundhogs are not looking for their shadow when they wake in winter-they are looking for love!  グラウンドホッグ(ウードチャック)は、人間たちの騒ぐ、Groundhog Day 2月2日に、グラウンドホッグ Phil に聞く、春が長いか短いかは、眼中になく、雄のグラウンドホッグは、メート探しに忙しい時だそうです。3月に先に探しておいた、目当ての雌のグラウンドホッグ とメートし、4月に母親は、子供を生みます。Information Sources 
February 2, 2012
Pennsylvania: "Phil" says, "Six more weeks of winter"
   Check out Phil's web site (Video -
Watch the PCN network broadcast of this morning's event)
Wisconsin: Jimmy says, "Early spring!" Groundhog Day < > | Jimmy the Groundhog
February 2nd  Groundhog Day:  It’s a day when the famous Punxsutawney Phil, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the groundhog forecasts the weather by coming out a hole after his hibernating sleep. ...
Groundhog Day (2月2日) は、いまでは、人気ものになった Pennsylvania 州の Punxsutawney Punxsutawney’s Phil groundhog = woodchuck) )が、冬眠の後、穴から出てきて、今後の天気の予測をする日なのです。...
For more info on Groundhog Day, check out our Letter | レター  23, 38, & 108 | Our Groundhog (or Woodchuck) photos | Famous Groundhogs
February 1, 2012  Angelo Dundee dies; trained Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard
120130-0203 IPC Nordic Skiing World Cup - USA, Minneapolis, MN | US Paralympics   Info Sources: Pioneer Press

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