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MLB  World Series - St. Louis Cardinals win World Series
NFL Regular Season underway
WNBA Finals: CONGRATS LYNX! Lynx win WNBA title
NHL Regular Season underway
NBA 2011-12 Season ? could begin in December.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) College Football Regular Season underway  Football Net | ESPN
NCAA Hockey Regular Season underway
NCAA Basketball 2011-2012 Season begins

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Nature Notes: November 20, 2011
on Craig's Birding Walk at the Long Meadow (Old Cedar Avenue Trailhead), Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge: We saw a Eagle flying overhead, Trumpeter Swans sleeping on the ice, lots of Coots, a Goldeneye, a Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gulls, Robins, a pair of Cardinals, Juncos, a Hornet nest, deer tracks, a Shrike (our first one), Geese, Mallards, Wood Ducks, Green-winged Teal, Hooded Mergansers, a Canvasback, a Ring-necked Duck, a Ruddy Duck, an Eagle nest, Chickadees, a Hawk flying overhead, etc.  Our Bird photos
November 20, 2011 American Music Awards on ABC
"Whether you're ready or not, winter is coming!"  Our Minnesota Winter photos

On November 19, 2011, we saw the first accumulation of snow of this season: 3-4 inches of snow in St. Paul, MN. 約10cmの初積雪 Our First Snow page
Nature Notes: November 21, 2011 We saw Two Muskrats swimming and many Mallards (calls).
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111119) These white lines (stains) on the tree barks show how high the flood water rose this past spring. 木の幹に見られる白い線は、今春の洪水の際の洪水の水の高さを示します  Our Flooding page
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111118) School Bus Safety: When a School Bus Stops ...  スクールバスが止まったら、
111117-1118 Leonid Meteor Shower:  1  |  2  |  3   Our Astronomy page
111118 Nature Notes: November 15, 2011 Spotted a flock of about 40 Tundra Swans flying overhead in a V-formation on Craig's Birding Walk  our Tundra Swan photos  およそ40羽のTundra スワンの群れが、大きなV字型の編隊を組み、上空、高く、飛んで行きます
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111117) Several leopard frogs sunning themselves on a sunny late fall day    晩秋の暖かい日、数匹のカエルが、池の水面で、日光浴を楽しんでいます     
Photo:  1  Two Leopard Frogs  |  2  A Leopard Frog
"Thanksgiving is just around the corner!"
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111116) Veteran's Day Concert at the Cathedral of St. Paul, November 11, 2011 (11-11-11 at 1 p.m.)  Our Number page
Photo:  1a / 1b Veteran's Day Concert  |  2a / 2b Beautiful Rose Window  セントポール大寺院でのベテランデー コンサート、綺麗なRose Window
Vikings at Packers - Border Battle (Wisconsin & Minnesota)
NFL Monday Night Football, November 14, 2011
: Vikings lose: 45-7
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111114) Green-winged Teal from Craig's Walk at the Long Meadow Unit: Old Cedar Avenue Trailhead, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge | "Teal Color"
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111113) Bubbles under the thin ice 薄氷の下の泡 from Craig's Walk at the Long Meadow (Old Cedar Avenue Trailhead), Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
November 12, 2011 Craig's Birding Walk: We saw Waxwings, Robins, Mallards, Gulls, a Swamp Sparrow, Goldfinches, a young Eagle, an Eagle nest, Geese, Crows, lots of birds in the distance, Chickadees, Trumpeter Swans, a Beaver lodge, several Hooded Mergansers, Northern Pintails*, Green-winged Teal*, Northern Shovelers, House Finches, Downy Woodpeckers, Nuthatches (calls), a Hornet nest, Wild Rice plant*, Bubbles under the thin ice* 薄氷の下の泡, etc.
* "We've never seen before."

**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111112) RV (Recreational Vehicle) キャンピングカー
111111 We saw a Bald Eagle Circling in the Thermal overhead in Woodbury.  Our Bald Eagle photos
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 111111) Some photos from Tammy's Birding Walk at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary  Photo:  4  White-throated Sparrow  |  5  Fox Sparrow     111029    ネーチャーウォーク:White-throated Sparrow と Fox Sparrow春と秋にここを通過して行く渡り鳥  Staging
111111 Thousands expected to wed in Vegas on 11/11/11 | How to interpret 11/11/11 aka 11-11-11; Friday, November 11, 2011
111111 Veterans Day

Armistice Day bell-ringing ceremony by The Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter of Veterans for Peace, the State Capitol Mall, St. Paul, Minnesota; the program begins at 10:30 a.m. The bells will ring at 11 a.m. (We hear they will ring 11 times), followed by the release of 11 doves. Information Source: Pioneer Press November 11, 2011
111111 We attended the "Veteran's Day Concert"  at 1 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Paul, MN.
At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War I ends.

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