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High School Football, College Football, and NFL regular season underway
NHL Regular season underway

NBA Regular season underway
Hannukkah 1201-
Islamic New Year 1206-
First Day of Winter,
Full Moon 1221 
Christmas Eve 1224 Christmas 1225

Kwanzaa 1226-
New Year's Eve 1231

101208 Mark Dayton Wins Minnesota Governor Race | Mark Dayton
101208 The 2010 Time 100
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 101208) 2010 Thanksgiving Day: Wildlife seems to say to us, We dont celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Its just a day to spend with family and friends. 感謝祭は、人間のものであって、野生動物にとっては、普通の日です
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 101206) Dogs often wear coats while outside during the winter months in Minnesota, 101202 Photo   1: Lisa & Sadie  |  2:  Sadie in her winter coat  ミネソタの寒い冬、写真のように、犬は、よく、コートを着て、散歩します Also check out a dong wearing boots. 101209
101205 We notice Tanners lake has frozen over. Maybe the lake froze over on 101203.
Nature Notes: 101204 St. Paul: A pair of Northern Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jay calls, a Gray Squirrel
101202 St. Paul: A flock of about 50 Goldeneyes along with one female Common Merganser, a female Bufflehead, and a few Gulls; 12 Trumpeter Swans (4 adult and 8 young ones) along with a male Mallard; several Robins, House Sparrows, Crows, an Albino Squirrel, a Muskrat.  More
Nature Notes
Old Man Winter is Here! It's cold!
101201  2011 is just a month away!

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