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"Summer begins to wind down once we get into August."  8月に入ると、夏の盛りは終わった感じになります。
World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China, 100501-1031
The Passion Play (Oberammergau, Germany) has been performed every ten years since 1634. 100515-1003 
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Shakespeare Festivals: "Enjoy the Theatre!" 
NFL Training Camps are underway

100809 New Moon (Harvest Moon, Ojibwe; Info source )   check out Moon Walk  (English/日本語
Teen Choice Awards on Fox 1000808
Teen Choice Awards, LA, California
100809 "It's hot, muggy, and uncomfortable."
"The Dog Days of summer are here in St. Paul, Minnesota!"   
100808 Pre-shrimp season tradition known as the Blessing of the Boats, Theriot, Louisiana: Gulf Shrimpers Pray for Good Season Despite Oil  Info Source: Kevin Mcgill (Associated Press) Gulf shrimpers pray for relief St. Paul Pioneer Press August 9, 2010 エビシーズンの前に毎年行われる大漁祈願:今年は、ハリケーンや高潮などに加えて、BPのオイルリークの影響があり、漁師や関係業者の皆さんは、今年や将来の漁業に関して、不安だと思います
100806 Missouri “Must-See” ミズーリ州の簡単な紹介  
100805-0815 T
wo of Christopher Columbus' ships (replicas), the Nina and Pinta are in Hudson, Wisconsin | Discover Columbus' Ships Note: Info Source - Local Section, St. Paul Pioneer Press, August 6, 2010
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 100804)  Red Bull Flugtag --- Human-Powered Flying Machines compete  自分たち(素人)で作った人力飛行機が、飛行距離、独創性、ショーマンシップを競う 日本語
100803 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS News) Bobby Hebb of 'Sunny' fame dead
100802 Seven U.S. states are named after kings or queens  州の名前に、王または、女王の名をとった7つの州
100802 "We Hear" on WCCO (CBS News) 100731 Conductor Mitch Miller dies: Sing along with Mitch
100801 "It's hot outside! Stay cool."

100723-0803 Tall Ships Duluth 2010, Duluth, MN   click here for more info

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