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**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 091020) Renaissance Festival 3 - Juggling  ルネッサンス フェステイバル 3 -  ジャグリング
091019 "We Spot" We saw a Nashville (or Tennessee) Warbler feeding on goldenrod seeds (could be insects in the seed head) Up-close.
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 091019) Renaissance Festival 2 - Knife Throwing 2: Impalement Arts  "The Wheel of Death": Knives are thrown around an assistant on a rotating wheel.  ルネッサンス フェステイバル 2 -  投げナイフショー:串刺しの刑
091018-1024 Teen Read Week "We Read" at Yahoo
091018 NFL: Minnesota Vikings remain unbeaten; 33-31 victory over Baltimore Ravens
"The leaves of deciduous trees change color and fall off"
"I've a Question for you"  0072 "Pulling One's Leg"   USA vs. Japan  091013    同じ表現でも、英語と日本語では、その意味がまったく異なる例
091013-1018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, London, United Kingdom  体操競技 (Artistic Gymnastics) 大会  090812-0815 U.S. Gymnastics Championship, Dallas, Texas    
091013 First Snowman of the Season - We saw a couple of snowmen already this season.  Check out Snowman Photos 雪だるま
091012 The Twin Cities area suffers a 2.5 inch snowfall (2nd snowfall of the season). :-(   およそ6cmの積雪、参った!!! Check out The First Snow Photos  初雪
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 091012) Renaissance Festival 1 - Knife Throwing Show: Slicing the cucumber in half    ルネッサンス フェステイバル 1 -  投げナイフショー:キュウリを真っ二つに斬る 
091011 NFL: Favre leads Vikings to 38-10 win over St. Louis Rams  |  MLB: The Yankees Sweep the Twins!
091006-1011 Presidents Cup, Harding Park Golf Course, San Francisco, CA  For more info, click here (Golf Majors)

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