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090531 Eastern Kingbird tending the nest, Sumacs leafing out, New Cattails growing    "It's a gorgeous day!!"
090530 Tiger Salamander** (sort of ) roadkill (by bike on a bike trail), Wrens incubating eggs in a nest box; the wren parents were mad at us as we got close to the nest --- "Wrens, sorry for the trouble! We just wanted to shoot a pic of the nest", Pileated Woodpecker babies fledged a few weeks ago, but we've finally located the empty nest (Kathie, thanks for the info), Tree Swallow baby fledged a few days ago, Painted turtle seems to be laying eggs?

**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 090529) Friends School Plant Sale - Biggest fundraising plant sale in Minnesota 大きなファンドレイジング プラントセール
090529 090523 Spring Butterfly Trek led by Entomologist Dean (Check a 090529 article on Butterfly Watch), Start at Crex Meadows, Grantsburg, WI  
090527 Nature Notes: Barn Swallow nest*, Great Crested Flycatcher*, Pewee*, Clay-colored sparrows (calls)**,  Goldfinch, Cooper's Hawk*, Eastern Bluebird* nest, etc. Wildflowers in bloom: Yellow Lady's Slippers (Large* & Small), Wild Geraniums, May Apples*, Columbines, Golden Alexander*, etc. Plants: Kentucky Coffee trees are just leafing out*. Matt's saying that the "Kentucky Coffee" tree is one of the last to leaf out in spring. (Matt & Julie Walk) Check Wildlife photos  ワイルドライフ フォト
090525 Nature Notes: Two pairs of Wood Ducks, Grebe, Male Cardinal, Canada Goose Families --- Wow, one family has about 20 goslings, Mallard ducklings* (several) escorted by Mom, Tree Swallow Baby**, Cliff Swallows have built their dome-shaped mud nests;  Painted turtle sunning, Dandelion Seedheads

090525 Mon. "Happy Memorial Day"
090524 Nature Notes: Indigo Buntings* (calls), Hummingbird, Wood Ducks nest (or nested) in a tree cavity (Tammy's Walk), Plants: Horsetails* emerging in wetland       Spring leaf-outs: Maples, Oaks, etc.
World Turtle Day - May 23
Dean's Nature Notes: "We saw 12 species of butterflies last Sunday, 090517"
090522 "Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!"
090521 This Weekend is Memorial Day Weekend  Check Calendar May for Memorial Day
090521 Nature Notes: "Hey guys, welcome back!!! We're so glad to see ya guys again."  A flock of approximately 20 Cliff Swallows is here at our apartment complex! This morning they started building dome-shaped nests. Each nest is made of lots of mud pellets. BTW, Barn Swallows make cup-shaped mud nests.
090520 Nature Notes: Baltimore orioles (calls*), Killdeer, Mallards; no ducklings escorted by their parents?, Canada Geese, Two Canada Goose families; each family has several goslings, Great Blue Heron, Red-winged Blackbirds (male), House sparrows nesting, Gray Squirrels   Plants: Silver Maple samaras*, Elm fruits?, Snake Grass* emerges in wetland areas

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