**Picture of the Week** (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 090331-0401) Beehives ミツバチの巣箱
090331 April 1st., Microsoft Conficker Worm Attack
090331 It's raining! ようやく、雪が終わり、雨(時々、雪、みぞれ)が降るようになりました。
090330 Northwest gives way to new Delta identity at airport  For more info click here
Prom Time (video) | Nature Notes
090326 Cloudy, Temperatures: High 33 F (1 C) & Low 23 F ( - 5 C), St. Paul, MN

090326 Virtual Town Hall (Open for Questions) Town Hall Style Meeting, White House, Washington, D.C.
March 2009 Red River Flood Fears, North Dakota 春の問題の一つ、洪水  090326 "Please keep your fingers crossed that no flooding will occur."  Red Riverは、ノースダコタとミネソタの州境を北に流れます
**Picture of the Week** (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 090324) Spring Bird Migration Updates: Mallard Ducks & a Scaup  春の渡り鳥情報 | Also check Nature Notes
090321 To celebrate the 324th anniversary of the birth of
Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685-July 28, 1875), a Concert Crawl will be held, Twin Cities, MN  For more info check St. Paul Pioneer Press on 090319 | National Lutheran Choir   バッハの誕生日
080321 Migratory Bird Updates We spotted quite a few red-winged blackbirds (first sighting of the season, males check their calls 泣き声) For more info check Nature Notes  渡り鳥info、自然観察
090320-0322 NCAA Tournament 1st-2nd Round: Minneapolis, Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN (Basketball)

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