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March is "Women's History Month"   1 2 3
**Picture of the Week** (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 0900310)  Animal Tracks in the snow, Winter Nature Walk, Arboretum, Chaska, MN (090307) 雪の上に残された動物の足跡
090309 "We Hear" on WCCO  Barbie Doll is celebrating her 50th birthday The Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler.  バービー(人形)、50年前に誕生
"We Hear" on WCCO  "The economy has fallen of a cliff" says Warren Buffet, Omaha, Nebraska
Tax Time For more info, check Calendar 3 or 4  タックス タイム  "Hey, do you use an accountant or do taxes yourself?"
090308 Nature Notes: We spotted a flock of 30 American robins and also noticed that catkins are appearing on aspen trees. It looks like spring is on the way!!  While driving, I spotted a bold eagle flying overhead and two hawks (most likely red-tailed hawks) perching atop light poles on highways in St. Paul, MN . See Eagle & Hawk pix
090308 (2nd Sun.) Daylight Saving Time Begins Check Calendar 3
090306 "Today is a gorgeous day! Yay! The snow and ice begin to melt. ... We may get another snow storm this Sunday. It reminds us that we're living in Minnesota."
Maple Syrup Sapping
 Letter | レター  42
Wildlife 090305 "We Hear" on WCCO  A cougar was spotted in Spooner, Wisconsin (WI).  Check Cougar (or Mountain Lion, or Puma) pic  野生のクーガーを目撃
World Baseball Classic (WBC)  090305-0323 | 2006
**Picture of the Week** (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 0900304) More Cool Sculptures, Ice Carving Competition, 2009 Winter Carnival, St. Paul, MN (090125) 氷彫刻Competition
090304 America's Next Top Model, CW
090302 Dow falls under 7000.  
"My 401k is losing money. My 401k is now a 301k or 201k. What should I do?"
Fiddler on the Roof  090224-0301 Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

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