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Kansas City Royals win the World Series; WNBA Minnesota Lynx win the title;
NFL regular season underway; NHL regular season underway; NBA 
regular season underway

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November Calendar - Updated  11/01/2015
November Calendar: Nationwide & Local
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Minneapolis, Minnesota Weather Forecast and Conditions  Weather Channel   
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Nature Notes  2015

Presidential Election 2016  

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How you can help in the migrant crisis -
European Refugee Crisis: Here's How You Can Help - NBC News
Refugee crisis: what can you do to help? | The Guardian
5 practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe | The Independent

NFL regular season underway    Minnesota Vikings  |  Green Bay Packers

NHL  2015-2016 regular season underway    Minnesota Wild

NBA   regular season underway    Minnesota Timberwolves  |  Milwaukee Bucks

Thanksgiving, Thurs., Nov. 26, 2015 
Thanksgiving food drive - Google Search
Thanksgiving food drive - Bing images

10431 151114  Deadly Paris Attacks - France 24
Hollande says Paris attacks an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State group - France 24
Paris attacks Islamic State says killings were response to Syria strikes – The Guardian

The ISIS Claim About Paris - The New Yorker
Opinion: A declaration of war against Europe  Deutsche Welle, 11/14/2015
Why ISIS Is Our Problem - The New Yorker

Why Isis fights | Martin Chulov | The Guardian
Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage - YouTube  Russia Today America
What Is ISIS And What Do They Want In Iraq? - YouTube
Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War - YouTube
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10443 151117
 Plane crash in Sinai a terrorist attack - Russian Security Service — RT News
PressTV-Confirmed Bomb downed Russian plane in Egypt

Al-Raqqah - Wikipedia  also called Rakka, Raqqa and Ar-Raqqah, is a city in Syria located on the north bank of the Euphrates River ...
Syrians in Raqqa tell of 'insane nights' of air strikes - Al Jazeera English

Russia says plane crash in Sinai was terrorist attack, vows vengeance  Deutsche Welle, 11/17/2015
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10463 151120 
THE INTERVIEW - US 'exploiting Paris attacks', says Glenn Greenwald - France 24
Daesh: The word ISIS doesn't want you to say - NY Daily News
Paris attacks organiser Abaaoud boasted of atrocities - France 24

War on Terror  |  ISIS

10462 151120  Yesterday, November 19, 2015, a little snow fell from time to time.
Minneapolis, MN Weather Forecast and Conditions -

Day                      Temp
Tonight                21  F  ( -6 C)
Sat                       25  F  ( -4 C)
Sat Night             19  F  ( -7 C)

First Snow  |  Minnesota's Winter
Ponds began to freeze over.

10461 151120
 "Thanksgiving is just several days away!"
Thanksgiving food drive - Google Search
Thanksgiving food drive - Bing images
Thanksgiving, Thurs., Nov. 26, 2015

10460 151120  Weird mating behavior: Scientists capture tap-dancing songbird  BABW News

10459 151120
  Study – Healthy foods are relative to the person  modern readers

10458 151120
  Google Video Ad Showing Interspecies Friendship Is Most Shared Ever - NBC News

10457 151120
     November 20, 1918     Happy birthday Corita Kent!
Directors’ Cuts “Become Microscope” by Aaron Rose - YouTube

Corita Lecture 10-1-09 - YouTube
7781 141120  November 20, 1918  Happy birthday Corita Kent!
Corita Kent prints - Bing Images
Corita Art Center - Art and Activism of Sister Mary Corita
Corita Kent - Wikipedia
Corita Kent Artist 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -  Sam Price, 11/20/2014
Cortia Kent: How a Screenprinting Nun Changed the Course of Modern Art  GIZMODO, Alissa Walker, 10/02/2013
Google Doodle celebrates Iowa-born artist, nun  Des Moines Register, Daniel P. Finney, 11/20/2014


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