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Nature Notes  2015

Wisconsin State Fair  08/06-08/16/2015
Iowa State Fair | Nothing Compares  08/13-08/23/2015
Minnesota State Fair  08/27-Labor Day, 09/07/2015

Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015

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"Enjoy the rest of your summer!"

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10015 150822  Turkeys feasting on wild grapes - photos:    1  |  2a  |  2b  |  2c  |  3  |  4 
Can you use wild grapes for making food and wine?

Wild Grape
Turkey  |  Grape Vineyard  | 
Grape Stomp!

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10009 150822  Nature Notes  August 22, 2015, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cloudy
No House Finch nestlings are seen; they must be inside the nest, House Finch calls, Some Sparrows (unidentified), Hawks flying overhead, Mourning Doves on utility lines, a Mallard Duck family on a pond,
A Gray Squirrel, a female Deer,
many Monarch butterflies on the trail, some Dragonflies
a Hornet nest
Insects-calls on the prairie
Horse poop on the trail
Blooming: Canada Goldenrod, Gray-head Coneflower, Birds-foot Trefoil, White Clover, Red Clover, Smartweed, Black-eyed Susan, Daylily, Wild Cucumber, Touch-Me-Not, White Champion, False Sunflower (Ox-eye), Big Blue Stem, Mullen,
Purple Loosestrife, Thistle, Queen Anne’s Lace,
Fruiting (seeds): Common Milkweed, Curley Dock, Sumac, Thistle, Elderberry, Dogwood, Boxelder, Cattail,
Goldenrod Galls: ball galls and
bunch galls
All Galls Are Divided Into Three Parts (At Least In Goldenrod) 
Fall Colors: some Sumac, some Virginia Creeper

Nature Notes  August 21, 2015, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cloudy/Sunny
Gulls,  Barn Swallows, A House Finch nestling is seen,
Blooming: Canada Goldenrod, Birds-foot Trefoil, White Clover, Red Clover,
Purple Loosestrife, Thistle,
Fruiting (seeds): Curley Dock, Thistle, Cattail,

Birds  |  Wildlife  |  Plants 
Nature Notes 2015  

10007 150820-0822  Nature Notes  August 20, 2015, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Brooklyn Park, Coon Rapids, Sunny
House Finch nestlings, Small birds (unidentified species) lined up on utility lines, a Barn Swallow rally, Barn Swallow parents feeding their young on the nest, Barn Swallow fledglings, 

One of our staff members joined Michelle, a naturalist of the Coon Rapids Dam Park, Brooklyn Park for her class and walk: Screen Porch Series: Common Nighthawks, 7:30 -8:30 p.m. We were able to learn about Common Nighthawks. But we were unfortunate to see a Common Nighthawk on her walk. 
a Pheasant feather on the trail
Common Nighthawk, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Voices: Common Nighthawk - YouTube
Bird of the Week: Common Nighthawk | Cheyenne Bird Banter
Blue Jays (calls), a Bald Eagle, a parent Osprey and its young on the nest, Gulls, Rock Pigeons on utility lines, a Waxwing (flying like a flycatcher), Flycatchers (unidentified), Several Turkeys in a tree; it looks like they are eating wild grapes.
a Gray Squirrel, a Cottontail rabbit,
pesky Mosquitoes, a Dragonfly
Canada Goldenrod Galls: Ball Galls, Bunch Balls*
* All Galls Are Divided Into Three Parts (At Least In Goldenrod)   Michelle, Thank you.
Blooming: Purple Loosestrife, Gray-headed Coneflower, Canada Goldenrod, White Clover, Red Clover, Wild Cucumber, False Sunflower (Ox-eye), Black-eyed Susan, Birds-foot Trefoil, Mullen, Big Blue Stem, Thistle
Fruiting (seeds):  Common Milkweed, Big Blue Stem, Thistle, Curley Dock, Dogwood, Sumac, Wild Grape (ripe), Plum,
Fall Colors: some Virginia Creeper (red), some Sumac, some River Willow (yellow), some Cottonwood (yellow),

Nature Notes  August 19, 2015, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Rainy
No House Finch nestlings, Some sparrows (unidentified), a Green Heron flying overhead, Waxwings calls, Chickadee calls (alert and spring), Nuthatch calls, Catbird calls,
a Hornet nest
No Monarch caterpillars

Horse poop on the trail
Blooming: Purple Loosestrife (non-native), Goldenrod, Thistle, Birds-foot Trefoil, White Clover, Red Clover, Gray-headed Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Fleabane, Wild Bergamot, Thistle, Hoary Alyssum, Mullen, Big Blue Stem, Woodland Sunflower, Daylily - Wikipedia, Wild Cucumber 
Fruiting (seeds): Canada Thistle, Curley Dock, Common Milkweed, Sumac,
Fall Colors: some Virginia Creeper (red), some Sumac
Birds  |  Wildlife  |  Plants 
Nature Notes 2015  

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