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MLB regular season underway;
WNBA regular season underway
 Super Bowl 2015 - New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks; NHL Chicago Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup, beating the Tampa Bay Lightning; NBA  Golden State Warriors NBA champions after beating Cleveland Cavaliers

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August Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated  08/01/2015
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2015 PGA Championship at the Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin -
Golf Majors

9957 150815  America’s Original Since 1982 – Game Fair
Nation's largest outdoors, pre-hunting, family participation event. America's Original Sport and Outdoor Show is Minnesota's finest hunting event. Game Fair features everything from duck boats, archery, decoys, art, dogs, ... 
Game Fair

Wisconsin State Fair  08/06-08/16/2015
Iowa State Fair | Nothing Compares  08/13-08/23/2015
Minnesota State Fair  08/27-Labor Day, 09/07/2015

Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015

"It's already August 16th. Enjoy the rest of your summer before it's gone!"

9970 150816  August 16, 1954  Happy birthday James Cameron!  James Cameron
James Cameron - Wikipedia  August 16, 1954 -, a Canadian filmmaker, inventor, engineer, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorerNotable work:
Avatar, Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss

9969 150816 
"The breeding season isn't over yet."
House Finch Nestlings Photos:  1  |  2  (Up-Close) 

9968 150816  Playing THIS game can block your sex cravings - The Times of India

9967 150816  Snake cafe opens in Tokyo – video World news | The Guardian
  |  Pets

9966 150816  Coffee may help keep eyes healthy -

9965 150816  14 Totally Terrifying Roller Coasters Around the World  MSN Travel, The Active Times

9964 150816  The Most Valuable Cities in America  MSN Money,

9963 150816  The 10 Best Cities to Live in If You Work in a Creative Field  AOL Jobs, Business Insider

9962 150816  It Took Millions of Years for the Virgin Rainbow to Form -  Australia

9961 150816  Nature Notes  August 16, 2015, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cloudy
Minneapolis, MN Weather Forecast and Conditions -
no House Finch nestlings on the nest; the nestlings seem to hide inside the nest, a parent House Sparrow feeds* its young on the nest, Goldfinch (calls); Gold finch pair eating something from Cup Plant flowers, Crow calls, Mallard Duck families, Pileated Woodpecker calls, Catbird calls, a Chickadee (calls), Barn Swallows,
*  We often see a parent having a worm in its beak. What do House Sparrow nestlings eat?
... when feeding nestlings, the birds will switch their feeding habits to insects and spiders. 
House Sparrows were imported from England to the US because they were known to eat certain caterpillars that harm shade trees.
References:  House Sparrows - Their Mating, Nesting, and Feeding Habits  Wild Bird Watching

many Soldier Beetles; a pair mating, a Ladybug, more Beetles
Butterflies: Monarch, Cabbage White, Spicebush Swallowtail?,
many Paper Wasps on the Milkweed leaves, which is unusual?; the leaf color is very dark green, Bumblebees,
Ants on Milkweed leaves
a very tiny snail baby?
Blooming: Purple Loosestrife, Prairie Blazing Star, Prairie Onion, Purple Coneflower, Gray-headed Coneflower, Cardinal Flower, Cup Plant, Blue Vervain, Joe-pye Weed, Goldenrod, Purple Prairie Clover, Wild Cucumber, Bottle Gentian, Turtlehead, Yarrow, Woodland Sunflower, Black-eyed Susan,
Fruiting (seeds):  False Indigo (black), Common Milkweed, Joe-pye Weed, Big Blue Stem, Thistle, Curley Dock, Elderberry, Dogwood, Plum?, Buckthorn?, Sumac,
Birds  |  Wildlife  |  Plants 
Nature Notes 2015

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