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June Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated  06/01/2015
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June 21, 2015,  3rd Sun. in June   父の日 Happy Father's Day   Letter 67レター 67    Father's Day Photo Gallery  
A dad pileated woodpecker feeds his babies - photos
1a  |  1b (Up-Close)  |  2
June 21, 2015  夏至:夏の始まり  Summer Solstice   Letter 70レター 70  Summer Begins in North Hemisphere
Independence Day (July 4th) 独立記念日

"Enjoy The Summer Everyone!"

9567 150629  Memory, thinking tests may indicate Alzheimer's earlier than thought -, 06/29/2015

9566 150629  F. Scott Fitzgerald slept here: Summit Ave. row house on the market -  06/28/2015
593 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN
F. Scott Fitzgerald House - Wikipedia  599 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN
Summit Avenue (St. Paul) - Wikipedia
Terraced house - Wikipedia  row house
F. Scott Fitzgerald (American Author, Screenwriter)
Born: September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, MN
Died: December 21, 1940 in Hollywood, CA
The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Information: < >
7287 140928    September 24, 1896  Happy Birthday F. Scott Fitzgerald!

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Wikipedia
The American Novel . Literary Timeline . Authors . F. Scott Fitzgerald - PBS
F. Scott Fitzgerald - IMDb
GREAT GATSBY Trailer (2012) Movie HD - YouTube

Famous Celebrities from Minnesota

9565 150629  Photos: Robin parents are raising a second brood*:  4a  |  4b
Red Admiral For Illinois In May - Vanessa atalanta - BugGuide.Net: " ... between 5.30 and 6 p.m. Two of them show up and sometimes
fly around in tight circles overhead chasing each other." April 21 -30, 2007, Illinois. "We saw the same thing on June 28, 2015
in Minneapolis, MN**. It was cool!"
Nature Notes  June 29, 2015  Sunny, Rainy 
a Red-winged Blackbird (calls), Barn Swallows, House Sparrows (calls), a American Crow,
House spider - Wikipedia
Birds  |  Mammals  |  Insects  |  Wildlife  | 
Nature Notes 2015
9551 150628  Nature Notes
June 28, 2015  Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy (Rain and Thunder), Sunny, and Foggy
a Canada Goose family, Blue Herons, Red-winged Blackbirds (calls), Song Sparrow calls, Robin parents feeding their nestlings*,
Grackles, a Hummingbird, House Sparrows, Red-tailed Hawks, a Baltimore Oriole nest: babies have most likely fledged, Baltimore Oriole calls,
two last year's Baltimore Oriole's nests, an old Great Horned Owl nest in a spruce
Cottontail rabbits,
a Green Darner dragonfly, Red Admiral butterflies**, pesky Mosquitoes
In Bloom:  Purple Coneflower (Echinacea), American Basswood, Butterfly-weed, Yarrow, White Clover (non-native), and many more flowers
June 27, 2015  Red-tailed Hawks, Rock Pigeons flying overhead, Egrets flying overhead,  
June 26, 2015  Owls, Robins, House Sparrows, a Blue Jay, House spider - Wikipedia

Birds  |  Mammals  |  Insects  |  Wildlife  | 
Nature Notes 2015

9564 150629  BET Awards | Shows | BET  06/28/2015
Janet Jackson - BET Awards 2015 - Pictures - CBS News
Entertainment Calendar

9563 150629  June 28, 2015  Twin Cities Pride
Pride parade - Wikipedia  for the LGBT community

9562 150629  The 10 Best Cities to Start Your Career  AOL Jobs

9561 150629  10 Instant Ways to Calm Yourself Down  Everyday Health, 06/24/2015

9560 150629  5 Reasons Why a Meeting at the Bar Is Superior To a Meeting at the Office  Esquire, 06/26/2015

9559 150629  Photography Tips  9 Tips to Help you get Sharp Focus at Night  Digital Photography School

9558 150629  This is what happens when a Google robot gets annoyed with a human - CNET  06/28/2015

9557 150629  The 25 richest self-made billionaires  MSN Money, Business Insider, 06/25/2015

9556 150629  The World's Highest-Paid Celebrities 2015 - Forbes  Top 100

9555 150629  CDC Says Beware of Pool Parasite - Clapway  06/27/2015  ‘Crypto’
9470 15061 What Diseases Can You Catch From Swimming? | DNews | TestTube  05/23/2015

9554 150629  100 Best Farmers Markets in America for 2015  MSN food & drink, The Daily Meal, 06/18/2015

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