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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports -
MLB regular season begins;
finals - Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky;
 Super Bowl 2015 - New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks; NHL  Playoffs underway; NBA  Playoffs underway

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May Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated  05/01/2015
カレンダー5:  全米  |  ローカル  

Graduation, Commencement, and Diplomas (often in May for colleges and in June for HS)    Letter 2 | Graduation photos & videos
Graduation, HS photos | Graduation Party (at school & at home)

First Sat. in May  Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky at the Churchill Downs Racecourse (Triple Crown)
Saturday, May 9, 2015  Minnesota Fishing Opener
Sunday, May 10, 2015  Mother's Day
3rd Sat. in May  Preakness Stakes (Triple Crown)
The Sun. before Memorial Day  Indy 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
May 25, 2015  Memorial Day (Photos)   Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62  フォトギャラリー

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9304 150525  Rolling Thunder  MSN autos, photos
Rolling Thunder Run - Washington DC - Main Page
The Rolling Thunder First Amendment Demonstration Run

Photos for Memorial Day: Morning light at Arlington National Cemetery - The Washington Post  05/25/2015
President Obama Speaks from Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day | The White House

May 25, 2015  Memorial Day (Photos)   Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62  フォトギャラリー

9303 150525
 Signs You're From The Midwest  MSN video

9302 150525
 Here are the most expensive states to buy a home -  05/14/2015

9301 150525
 Why Do Good People Do Bad Things? Study Shows Anticipating Temptation Could Prevent Unethical Decisions
Headlines & Global News, 05/25/2015

9300 150525  May 25, 1803  Happy birthday Ralph Waldo Emerson!
Happy Birthday, Ralph Waldo Emerson! 20 Of His Greatest Quotes To Inspire You - 05/25/2015
Ralph Waldo Emerson - A Documentary - YouTube
UPR Dr. Richard Geldard: Emerson & Universal Mind - YouTube
Ralph Waldo Emerson -- Five Short Poems - YouTube
Biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and Henry David Thoreau - YouTube
Ralph Waldo Emerson | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (May 25, 1803 - April 27, 1882)
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Wikipedia 
an American essayist, lecturer, and poet;
led the Transcendentalist movement
IHAS Poet PBS:  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry David Thoreau | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (1817-1862)
Henry David Thoreau - Wikipedia 
July 12, 1817  May 6, 1862, an American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian. And a leading transcendentalist
7204 140918  Nature Walking Play  MN Landscape Arboretum  September 12-October 12, 2014
BWW Reviews: TigerLion Arts' Outdoor Walking Play NATURE at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Embodies the Spirit of Nature Through the Lives of Emerson and Thoreau, Jill Schafer, 09/15/2014
NATURE - TigerLion Arts
September 12, 2014 - Nature: A Walking Play - Sierra Club North Star Chapter
Nature is the stage for TigerLion Arts - Star Tribune  -  TigerLion Arts brings Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum  -  Graydon Royce, 09/18/2014
Ralph Waldo Emerson | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (18031882)
Henry David Thoreau | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (1817-1862)
our Arboretum photo page  |  Green page
8834 150325  March 22, 2015 | Between Friends   HENRY DAVID THOREAU

Between Friends  by Sandra Bell Lundy

9299 150525 
May 23, 2015, Cloudy  Nature Notes from Steve's Walk, Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN
Baltimore Oriole calls, Robins, Chickadees, Cardinals, Warbling Vireo calls, Common Yellowthroat calls, Yellow Warbler calls, the Mom Robin incubating on the nest
A Raccoon
May 23, 2015  Nature Notes from Steve's Walk Part 2, MV NWR, Bloomington, MN
Yellow-throated Vireo calls, a Yellow Warbler, Killdeers, Lesser Yellowlegs, Robins, Mallard families, Red-winged Blackbirds, a Bald Eagle flying overhead, a Blue Heron, Short-billed Dowitchers*, Semipalmated Plovers*, Hundreds of shorebirds flying in a group, a few Red-tailed Hawks along Highways
Note: Three birders, who we met on the trail, told us that they spotted Black-bellied Plovers in the distance.
* New to us, Explore America Info  "Steve, thank you."
Birds  |  Mammals
Nature Notes  2015
Annual Spring Bird Walks led by Steve Greenfield, a naturalist, on Saturdays: usually from the last Sat. in April through the last Sat. in May,
Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN
Free Guided Bird Walks at Roberts Bird Sanctuary during Spring Migration Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis
Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary Facebook

9298 150525  R.I.P.  May 23, 2015   'A Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash and His Wife Killed in New Jersey Taxi Crash - Yahoo 
GMA, 05/24/2015
American Experience | A Brilliant Madness | Special Features  PBS
John F. Nash Jr. - Biographical

John Forbes Nash, Jr. - Wikipedia 
an American mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the factors that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life.
A Beautiful Mind (2001) - IMDb

A Beautiful Mind (2001) Official Trailer - Russell Crowe Movie HD - YouTube

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