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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports -
MLB regular season begins;
finals - Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky;
 Super Bowl 2015 - New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks; NHL  Playoffs underway; NBA  Playoffs underway

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May Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated  05/01/2015
カレンダー5:  全米  |  ローカル  

Graduation, Commencement, and Diplomas (often in May for colleges and in June for HS)    Letter 2 | Graduation photos & videos
Graduation, HS photos | Graduation Party (at school & at home)

First Sat. in May  Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky at the Churchill Downs Racecourse (Triple Crown)
Saturday, May 9, 2015  Minnesota Fishing Opener
Sunday, May 10, 2015  Mother's Day
3rd Sat. in May  Preakness Stakes (Triple Crown)
May 25, 2015  Memorial Day

Minneapolis, Minnesota Weather Forecast and Conditions  Weather Channel  
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Disaster Relief   Nepal Earthquake

Nature Notes  May 12, 2015  Maplewood, MN    Blue Jays (calls), Cardinals, Mallards, Canada Geese, House Sparrows, Egrets flying overhead, a Wood Duck, Crows, a Great Horned Owl, an Eastern Blue Bird near the next box, Robins, a Tree Swallow in flight, a Goldfinch in flight, Chickadee alert calls, Red-bellied Woodpecker calls
a White-tailed Deer, a Gray Squirrel

Nature Notes  May 11, 2015  Maplewood, MN    Blue Jays (calls), Cardinals, Mallards, a Canada Goose family - more than 10 Goslings, a Wood Duck pair, Crows, Robins, a Hawk flying overhead, a small bird (unidentified)
a Gray Squirrel
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Nature Notes  2015

9211 150512  Antarctica  The Alien in Antarctica: Rare 'BLUE BERG' images reveal what the underneath of an iceberg looks like - YouTube
Rare look at what lies beneath icebergs -
NATURE | Penguin Post Office | Preview | PBS - YouTube

Under the Antarctica - Full Documentary HD - YouTube

9210 150512  U.S. News releases 2015 Best High Schools rankings -  U.S.News, 05/12/2015

9209 150512  Extreme Rafters Take On 21-Foot Waterfall  video, Weather Channel, 03/10/2015
 - New Zealand's Tutea Falls on the Kaituna River
Extreme Sports

9208 150512  Amateur photo contest reveals impressive views of recreational lands |  05/07/2015

9207 150512  The Longest Commute in Each State  Weather Channel, 05/06/2015

9206 150512  VIDEO: Man Finds Piranha in Arkansas Lake  Weather Channel, Arkansas

9205 150512  14 of the Most Depressing Place Names in North America  MSN Travel, Mental Floss, 05/12/2015

9204 150512  May 12, 2015  Happy birthday Dorothy Hodgkin!
Dorothy Hodgkin: 10 Moms in History Who Changed the Way We Live Today -  03/25/2015
BBC News - Audio slideshow: Dorothy Hodgkin  05/12/2010
School unveils plaque to Nobel-winning pupil Dorothy Hodgkin - BBC News  03/13/2015
Margaret Thatcher Biography  -  ... Thatcher was accepted to Oxford University, where she studied chemistry at Somerville College. One of her instructors was the Dorothy Hodgkin...

5972 140512  May 12, 1910  Dorothy Hodgkin: The only British woman to win a Nobel science prize gets a doodle  (Guardian, 05/12/2014)
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin - Biographical
Dorothy Hodgkin - Wikipedia  
Dorothy Mary Hodgkin, OM, FRS, May 12, 1910 - July 29, 1994, known professionally as Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin or simply Dorothy Hodgkin, was a British biochemist who developed protein crystallography

9203 150512  American Religion: Complicated, Not Dead  The Atlantic, 05/12/2015
Secularity - Wikipedia
Atheism vs Agnosticism - What's the Difference?   about religion

9202 150512  'Black Lives Matter': 1 Million African American Voters Are 'Missing' Due to Racial Disparities in Mortality Rate
The Atlantic,


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