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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB San Francisco Giants win World Series over Kansas City Royals: Third World Series in Five Years;
finals - Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky; NFL  Super Bowl 2015 - New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks; NHL  regular season underway; NBA  regular season underway

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February Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated  02/01/2015
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Feb. 14  Valentine's Day   バレンタインズ デー
Feb. 16  Monday 
President's Day
Feb. 17  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
Feb. 18  Ash Wednesday
Feb. 22  DAYTONA 500 - Daytona International Speedway
Feb. 22  Academy Awards  The Oscars 2015 | 87th Academy Awards

Minneapolis, Minnesota Weather Forecast and Conditions  Weather Channel  
our photos: 
Minnesota's Winter  |  Weather  

February 17, 2015  The Twin Cities metro area,
Minnesota: "This afternoon we saw an adult Bald Eagle flying overhead while driving. We often see Bald Eagles here."
Bird photos
8537 150217  Aurora on Ice
 "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  February 13, 2015, Iceland
Sun Halo photo  |  Weather  | 

8536 150217  February's new moon is both a black moon and supermoon -  02/12/2015
Black Moon
Astronomy: Moon: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Last Quarter Moon, Blue Moon, Super Moon, Blood Moon, Black Moon

8535 150217  11 Largest Vehicles In The World (They're Insane!) -
America  |  Cars  |  Transportation

8534 150217  February 17, 2015 | The Pajama Diaries 
America  |  Funnies

8533 150217  Andy Green: The Fastest Man on Earth | The Red Bulletin  February 2015
Bloodhound_SSC  Wikipedia
Rocket Man: Land-Speed Racer Pushes 1,000 MpH Barrier [Slide Show] - Scientific American  11/05/2012
Red Bull events

8532 150217  R.I.P.  February 16, 2015 
ĎItís My Partyí Singer Lesley Gore Dies at 68: Listen to 5 of Her Best Songs  TIME, 02/16/2015
Lesley Gore Biography  Singer, Songwriter
Lesley Gore - Wikipedia


8531 150217  Is World War I Relevant? | The Saturday Evening Post  02/12/2015

8530 150217  February 17, 2015  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
When is Mardi Gras | Mardi Gras New Orleans
Let the Gumbo Roll  Parade, 02/13/2015
A Food Loverís Guide to New Orleans  MSN food & drink, 02/16/2015
A Cocktail Loverís Guide to New Orleans  MSN food & drink, 02/16/2015
Mardi Gras - Holidays -
New_Orleans_Mardi_Gras  Wikipedia  Rex, The traditional colors: purple (Justice), green (Faith), and gold (Power)
Louisiana  |  Eat

8523 150216-0217  Monday, February 16, 2015  President's Day
Top 10 Presidents of the United States of America (USA) - YouTube
Top Ten Presidents of the United States (USA) - YouTube
3 Shocking Facts You Didnít Know About Presidents Day | TIME  02/13/2015
Historical rankings of Presidents of the United States - Wikipedia
Dive into the Presidency for President's Day | The White House  02/17/2015
8 weird things inspired by U.S. presidents  02/16/2015

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