Quiz 16 - A great pumpkin: This year's biggest pumpkin in the 2002 Minnesota State FairUnit conversions (lbs.  -  kg).

To find the
To find the pumpkin photo, click here.  The memo on the pumpkin says that it weighs 417 lbs. (pounds). How much does it weigh in kilograms?  As you may know, the US uses pounds (lbs.) instead of kilograms (kg) to measure mass.  Also, guess what the diameter (in cm, inches, or feet) of the pumpkin is too.  Click here for a conversion calculation. (102502)  

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Quiz 15
- "No Soliciting":   A sign saying, "No Soliciting" is often seen at entrances of office buildings and apartment complexes.  What does "No Soliciting" mean? (102402)

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Quiz 14
- Color Ribbons:
on ribbon colors at contests for art, agricultural products, etc. :   We know the blue ribbon award goes to the 1st place winner.  What color ribbons are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place contestants?  (102202) Check examples of blue ribbon awards!

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