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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB San Francisco Giants win World Series over Kansas City Royals: Third World Series in Five Years;
finals - Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky; NFL  regular season underway; NHL  regular season underway; NBA  regular season underway

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Minneapolis, Minnesota Weather Forecast and Conditions
  Weather Channel
Cyber Monday 2014, December 1, 2014   
Cyber Monday
Black Friday 2014, November 28, 2014    Black Friday

"It's December 1st. There is only one month left until January 1, 2015."

7901 141201 
December Calendar: Nationwide & Local - Updated

7900 141201  101 Objects that Made America: America in the World | | Smithsonian
America, States & D.C.

7899 141201 
Meet the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time | | Smithsonian
America, States & D.C.

7898 141201  Cyber ring stole secrets for gaming U.S. stock market: FireEye | Reuters  Jim Finkle, 12/01/2014
Online Safety & Security

7897 141201  The 12 Scams of Christmas  MSN Money  
Online Safety & Security  Christmas

7896 141201  America’s Most and Least Attractive People - Travel + Leisure  Katrina Brown Hunt, November 2014   

Most Attractive:  No. 1  Miami, Florida, No. 2  San Diego, California, No. 3  Charleston, South Carolina, No. 4  Los Angels, California, No. 5  Providence, Rhode Island, No. 6  Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, No. 7  Nashville, Tennessee, No. 8  Atlanta, Georgia, No. 9  Honolulu, Hawaii, No. 10  Tampa, Florida
Least Attractive:  No. 1  Detroit, Michigan, No. 2  (tie)  Memphis, Tennessee, No. 2  (tie)  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, No. 4  Baltimore, Maryland, No. 5  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, No. 6  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, No. 7  Cleveland, Ohio, No. 8  Orlando, Florida, No. 9  Louisville, Kentucky, No. 10  Portland, Maine  
America, States & D.C.

7895 141201  QE or not QE? Spotlight on the ECB as inflation dips | Reuters  Ingrid Melander, 11/30/2014
Quantitative easing (QE) - Wikipedia
European Central Bank (ECB) - Wikipedia

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