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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB regular season underway;
finals - Phoenix Mercury sweep Chicago Sky; NFL  regular season underway; NHL Stanley Cup finals - Los Angels Kings beat New York Rangers; NBA finals - San Antonio Spurs beat Miami Heat

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Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, MN, Aug. 16 - Sept. 28, 2014
Oktoberfest - Wikipedia 
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Oktoberfest Zinzinnati  Sept. 19-21, 2014, Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus Oktoberfest • September 26-28, 2014 Columbus, Ohio
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  Oktoberfest  October 10-18, 2014
October 13, 2014 Monday    Columbus Day
October 31        Halloween

7353 141005  Sunday, October 5, 2014  Twin Cities In Motion • Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon
Medtronic -  Twin Cities Marathon (Photos:
フォト), New Vikings Stadium (2016), Minneapolis to State Capitol, St. Paul, MN, early October (first Sun. in October?)  Letter / レター  93, 137
The Twin Cities Marathon
マラソン(Minneapolis  ŕ  St. Paul)  
Vikings Stadium - Wikipedia  New Vikings Stadium
Twin Cities Marathon - Wikipedia

7352 141004  October 4, 2014  Former Haitian dictator 'Baby Doc' dies -  Mariano Castillo, 10/04/2014
Jean-Claude Duvalier, ‘Baby Doc’ of Haiti, Dies at 63 -  Randal C. Archibold, 10/04/2014

Jean-Claude Duvalier has died: Watch the video - Yahoo News Canada 
Jean-Claude Duvalier - Wikipedia
Geography of Haiti - Map of Haiti -

7351 141004  Medical state (Medical condition) - Wikipedia  Undetermined, Good, Fair, Serious, Critical

7350 141004  Game: Cat's cradle - Wikipedia
Cats cradle with two people - YouTube
Cat's Cradle 101 - YouTube
How to make a Star with string, step by step, cats cradle - YouTube
How to do Jacobs Ladder, Step by Step, with string - YouTube
5 cool string tricks! - YouTube
Rabbit String Figure - Tutorial - Pull the Rabbit out of a Hat - YouTube
Turtle String Figure - step by step - YouTube
Hammock - Fishnet string figure - Step by step tutorial - YouTube
Open the Gate string figure - step by step EASY! - YouTube
Running Dog String Figure - Step by step - YouTube
String figure - Wikipedia

7349 141004  12 Things You Shouldn't Be Cooking With Olive Oil  BuzzFeed, Christine Byrne, 08/02/2013
Can Olive Oil Be Used for Stir-frying? Chinese Food, rhonda Parkinson,
The 10 best olive oil recipes - Life and style - The Guardian  11/15/2014

7348 141004  11,000 Years and Still Ticking: the Oldest Cities in the World  Yahoo Travel, Greg Keraghosian, 09/30/2014

7347 141004  October 1, 1924  Happy birthday Jimmy Cater!  Jimmy Carter celebrates his 90th birthday  Washington Post, 10/01/2014
Jimmy Carter Biography

Jimmy Carter - Wikipedia
James Carter | The White House  39th President of the United States (1977-81)
our President page

7346 141004  Paradise Lost: Filmmakers Document the Maldives' Trash Island (PHOTOS) -  Stephanie Valera, 09/30/2014
The Other Side of the Postcard: Photos Highlight Massive Island of Plastic Trash in the Maldives  Yahoo Travel, Greg Karaghosian, 10/01/2014 watch the trailer

Thilafushi - Wikipedia
Maldives - Wikipedia
7131 140908  California lawmakers pass first US plastic bag ban -  Associated Press, 08/31/2014
Green page

7345 141004  "A few days ago, Kathy, a birder sent us a photo of a leucistic sparrow, which her co-worker spotted and shot in the parking lot at work in the Twin Cities metro area. We've never heard of a "leucistic" bird before. Anyways, thanks so much for the photo, Kathy."
Albino house sparrow (Passer domesticus) - YouTube

PICTURED: The one-in-a-million white house sparrow - Daily Mail Online  Beth Hale, 10/09/2008
What Is Leucism? About Leucistic Birds  Birding, Melissa Mayntz

Partial albino house sparrow Northwest Ohio Nature, Chris Mayer
Plumage - Wikipedia  partial albinism
Albinism - Wikipedia

Sparrow  |  Wildlife

7344 141004  The most corrupt states in America - Yahoo Homes  Robert McGarvey,, 08/07/2014  No. 1  Mississippi, No. 2 Louisiana, No.3 Tennessee, No. 4 Illinois, No.5 Pennsylvania, No.6 Alabama, No.7 Alaska, No. 8 South Dakota, No. 9 Kentucky, No. 10 Florida
Stats & D.C.  |  Mississippi

7343 141004  Income inequality: America's worst states - Yahoo Homes  -  ... The states that rank worst of all for inequality are concentrated in the South, followed by the East Coast. The Midwest fares best among regions -- but the single best-ranking state is Vermont.  -  Jennifer Karmon, Spaces, 10/03/2014
Stats & D.C.  |  Vermont

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