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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB regular season underway;
WNBA regular season underway; NFL
 Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII; NHL Stanley Cup finals - Los Angels Kings beat New York Rangers; NBA finals - San Antonio Spurs beat Miami Heat

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June 12 - July 13, 2014    FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil    Semifinals: Argentina beats Netherlands, Germany beats Brazil; Final: Germany beats Argentina to Win World Cup,  July 13, 2014
July 5 - 27, 2014  Tour de France 2014   England, France
Ramadan 2014    June28 - July 28 (Eid al-Fitr), 2014    #6739 140724 

6745 140724 
Raccoon Swimming in the Lake - Photos:  Raccoon Wading  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  Raccoon Swimming  2a / 2b (Up-Close)  Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
On Craig's Birding Walk on July 21, 2014: One of the attendees asked Craig, "Is a raccoon able to swim?" Craig replied, "Yes, a raccoon can swim, and most animals can swim."
Can raccoons swim?  Yahoo Answers
Swimming Raccoon - YouTube
Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
Raccoon - Wikipedia
  Raccoons are native to North America. "We thought they are also native to Japan, but we're wrong."
Ethology - Wikipedia

Raccoon photos  Wildlife
"Are there any animals, which can't swim?"
Can all animals swim - Animals Zone  draganescu, 05/01/2010 ...
Some animals such as people, gorillas and chimpanzees gotta learn how to swim. ...
ethology - Why is that all the animals can swim in water without learning to swim but humans cannot? - Biology Stack Exchange

Who Says Cats Can't Swim? - YouTube
CAT swimming like a BOSS - YouTube
6713 140721  "Nature Notes"  Early this morning, one of our staff members joined Craig, a naturalist for his birding walk. "I saw my first Pectoral Sandpipers on the walk. The Pectoral Sandpipers have been migrating."  MN Valley - National Wildlife Refuge  "I also saw a raccoon swimming in the lake for the first time. Craig is saying, 'Raccoons can swim.'" 
Pectoral Sandpiper, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Can raccoons swim?  Yahoo Answers
What we saw on the walk:  Cowbirds, Catbird (calls), Robins, Crow, Goldfinches, Northern Flicker, Cardinals, Hummingbird, Egrets, Blue Herons, Barn Swallows, Cliff Swallows, Trumpeter Swans, Pectoral Sandpipers, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Cormorant, Eagle, Falcon near the nest, Red-winged Blackbirds, Marsh Wren calls, Swamp Sparrow calls, Chipping Sparrow calls, Mom Cardinal incubates in the nest, Turkey Vulture,
Beaver Lodge, Raccoon swimming in the lake, Raccoon Tracks in the mud
Tiger Swallowtail, a small butterfly (unidentified), Damselfly (unidentified), not so many Mosquitoes, which is great
Pond Snail
Arrowhead, Moss,
Blooming: Daisy Fleabane, Common Nettle
Fruiting: Choke Cherry fruits, Honeysuckle fruits, Oak acorn,
Shorebird  |  Raccoon  |  Wildlife

6744 140724  Google Maps Engine Gets Workforce Management Tool - InformationWeek  Thomas Claburn, 07/24/2014

6743 140724  Facts About You And Your Dog's Personality  BuzzFeed, Justin Dailey, 07/23/2014
Dogs  |  Pets

6742 140724  7 delicious local-favorite recipes from all across America - Recipes-Food-Drink-MSN Living  redbook
State Info

6741 140724  Home Maintenance 101 

6740 140724  Alderman: Helen Keller could see graffiti cancer in Chicago -  " ... This year Chicago is spending $4.9 million on graffiti removal  ...."  Hal Dardick and John Byrne, 07/24/2014
Graffiti - Wikipedia
Graffiti removal - Bing Images
Graffiti removal in Chicago - Bing Images
Graffiti page  |  Chicago, Illinois

6739 140724  Ramadan at work: skipping lunch, no coffee breaks and lots of curious questions - Blue Sky Innovation Chicago Tribune, Amina Elahi, 07/24/2014
Ramadan (calendar month) - Wikipedia
Ramadan 2014    June28 - July 28, 2014
Eid al-Fitr - Wikipedia  Feast of Breaking the Fast
Letter on Ramadan:  140  English  |  Japanese

6738 140724  Artists design mini-golf in Minnesota -  Christopher Borrelli, 07/22/2014

6737 140724  Top 10 recreational cities -

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