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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB regular season underway;
WNBA regular season underway; NFL
 Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII; NHL Stanley Cup finals - Los Angels Kings beat New York Rangers; NBA finals - San Antonio Spurs beat Miami Heat

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June 12 - July 13, 2014    FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil    see #6322 140612 
Early June Showy Lady's Slippers (Photos) Day, Eloise Butler Wildflower and Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN  < >
June 21, 2014    First Day of Summer
June 26-28, 2014    Twin Cities Jazz Festival | Mears Park, Saint Paul, MN
July 4th    Independence Day
July 15, 2014, Target Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota  2014 All-Star Game Events

6423 140621    June 21, 2014    First Day of Summer (Summer Solstice) occurs
in the Northern Hemisphere, while Winter Solstice, in the  Southern Hemisphere.
夏至:夏の始まり  Summer Solstice   Letter 70レター 70  Summer Begins in North Hemisphere
Summer solstice - Wikipedia

6422 140620  Photographer explores ‘following the herd’ Flickr Blog  06/20/2014

6421 140620  EDMbiz Conference: Why EDM Equals Millenials and a $6.2B Valuation Is Just the Beginning | Billboard  Andrew Hampp, 06/20/2014
The World's Biggest EDM Festivals |  Alex Abbott
Electronic dance music (EDM) - Wikipedia
Best Electronic Dance Music Mix 2014 [EDM] - YouTube

6420 140620  What Is COPD? - NHLBI, NIH
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - Wikipedia

6419 140620  Swanky California hotel offers drone delivery service  (AOL, 06/20/2014)

6418 140620  V838 Light Echo: The Movie  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  June 17, 2014 
Astronomy page

6417 140620  New York to London Milky Way  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  June 14, 2014 
Astronomy page

6416 140620  Pope for Legal Dope? Still Nope. - TIME  Elizabeth Dias, 06/20/2014

6415 140620  Minnesota Centennial Showboat - Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, University of Minnesota
Padelford Riverboats - Centennial Showboat
University of Minnesota Centennial Showboat! - YouTube
Minnesota Centennial Showboat Virtual Tour - YouTube
Minnesota Centennial Showboat - Wikipedia
Showboat - Wikipedia
Show Boat (1951) - YouTube
Art  |  Music  |  Minnesota

6414 140620  Comics - The Washington Post

6413 140620  NSA SCANDAL  Opinion: Where is Europe’s outrage?  (Deutsche Welle, 06/20/2014)
NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks

6412 140620  Abdication has a price  (Washington Post Opinions, Charles Krauthammer, 06/19/2014)
Top Iraq Shiite cleric criticizes al-Maliki, urges Iraqis to stop insurgency before too late  (Deutsche Welle, 06/20/2014)
German companies are leaving war-torn Iraq  (Deutsche Welle, Martin Koch / nz; Editor: Hardy Graupner, 06/20/2014)
Video: Kurds consolidate autonomy amid Iraq crisis  (France 24, video by Adam Pletts, Selim EL Meddeb, 06/20/2014)
Iraq Updates  Huffington Post
Iraq War     2003 - 2011 

6411 140620  Do animals smile? - Yahoo Shine Yahoo!Green | Pets, 09/27/2011 

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