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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB regular season underway;
WNBA regular season underway; NFL
 Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII; NHL Stanley Cup finals - Los Angels Kings beat New York Rangers; NBA finals - San Antonio Spurs beat Miami Heat

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June 12 - July 13, 2014    FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil    see #
6322 140612 
Early June Showy Lady's Slippers (Photos) Day, Eloise Butler Wildflower and Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN  < >
June 21, 2014    First Day of Summer
6377 140616  "Nature Notes"  June 16, 2014 In Bloom: Canada Anemone, False Indigo (Blue and White), Red Clover, White Clover, White Campion, Leafy Spurge, Bird-foot Trefoil, Rose, White Water Lily, Golden Alexanders, Showy Lady’s Slipper, Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Blue Flag, Penstemon, and Harebell.
Minnesota Wildflowers
Flowers | Plants

6376 140616  June 16, 2014  Padres’ Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies (updated) - The Washington Post  Cindy Boren, 06/16/2014
Tony Gwynn - Wikipedia

6375 140616  Martin Kaymer cruises toward big win at US Open  (USA TODAY, Steve DiMeglio, 06/15/2014)

June 9-15, 2014  The U.S. Open Golf Championship < > (Golf Major)

6374 140616  LIVE!
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival - Wikipedia  Manchester, Tennessee, June 12-15, 2014
Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Announcement Official Video - YouTube
Bonnaroo Be Free Bonnaroo 2013 Video Recap Directed by Jay Sansone Bonnaroo365 - YouTube

6373 140616  Choir gives NYC morning commuters a surprise show  (AOL, 06/15/2014)
Yonder Music: Pop Flash on Grand Central - YouTube

6372 140616  KFC probes whether scarred girl was asked to leave  (AOL, 06/15/2014)

6371 140616  Top 10 Best Movie Sequels - YouTube
25 Longest Film Sequels Ever Made - Yahoo Voices -
Top 10 Best Spin-Off Movies - YouTube
6355 140614  Friday Box Office: '22 Jump Street' - $25M, 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' - $18.5M  (Forbes - Media & entertainment, Scott Mendelson, 06/14/2014)
22 Jump Street (2014) - IMDb
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) - IMDb
Box Office Mojo

6370 140616  Summer concerts amp up drug screening after 'Molly' deaths  (MSN News, Victoria Cavaliere | Reuters, 06/15/2014)
3285 130905  "Drug Molly"  NYC concert deaths put spotlight on new drug molly - CBS News
Popular party drug can be deadly Watch videos online - Video11 Screen  (CNN)
MDMA - Wikipedia - MDMA ("ecstasy"), "mandy" or "molly"
3284 130905  Electric Zoo Festival - Wikipedia
Electric Zoo 2013 Official Trailer - YouTube  |  Electric Zoo 2012 Official Recap - YouTube

2704 130722  Miley Cyrus Admits To Singing About Molly On 'We Can't Stop'  (HUFFPOST, AOL)  ... "Then I'll give you an edit. I just think the world is so lame because you can shoot people in a movie and you can let people like [George] Zimmerman off on trial but you can't have someone going like this [she stimulates oral sex gesture], that is so dumb to me," Cyrus explained. "The world is such a f--ked up place the last thing people need to worry about is my cute little video for 'We Can't Stop,' you know what I mean?"
“Molly,” Powder or Crystal Form of MDMA, is Popular at Music Festivals The Partnership at
MDMA - Wikipedia

6369 140616  Meth pours into Central California as liquid - Yahoo News  Scott Smith | AP, 06/14/2014

6368 140616  For sale: 10 homes under $100,000 - MSN Real Estate  Erik Gunther |

6367 140616  24: Live Another Day on FOX
24 Live Another Day on FOX - Watch the Day 9: 500PM-600PM Episode
24 (TV series) - Wikipedia

6366 140616  "Nature Notes"  snapping turtle on the move - YouTube
"Several days ago a stranger and we found a big Snapping Turtle on the parking lot of one of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge units. The stranger kindly picked the turtle up to put it back near the pond, which it seemed to come from; when he grabbed the turtle, its mouth became wide open, which scared us. About 30 minutes later when we came back to the parking lot, we saw the same turtle on the parking lot again. This time we picked it to put it near another pond. ... Now, we think that turtle was looking for a place to dig a nest and lay eggs rather than a pond since it's turtle-nesting season in Minnesota. Here is info on How to help a Snapping Turtle Cross the Road - YouTube  Toronto Zoo"
Can common snapping turtles really bite a finger off?  Yahoo Answers
Common Snapping Turtle - Minnesota DNR
Common snapping turtle - Wikipedia
Turtle photo page

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