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6181 140529  Malcolm Glazer, Owner of Buccaneers and Manchester United, Is Dead at 85 -  Richard Goldstein, 05/29/2014
Malcolm Glazer - Wikipedia

6180 140529  Caribou stuck on ice floes take ride downriver  David Strege, 05/08/2014  "This is terrible. How can we recue them?"
Weather page

6179 140529 
Google diversity report highlights white male workforce - World - CBC News  AP, 05/28/2014
Demographics - Wikipedia
Job Demographics  (Google)
Ethnic group - Wikipedia

6178 140529  Editorial: Obama's Strategy: Outsource the war on terror -  05/29/2014

6177 140529  Photos: Seville fair - Chicago Tribune
Seville Fair - Feria de Sevilla 2012 - YouTube
Seville, Spain La Feria, the Ultimate Party - YouTube
Seville - Feria de Sevilla 2011 Joe Journeys - YouTube
Seville Fair - Wikipedia 

6176 140529  Video: Rarely sighted black bellied whistling ducks in Illinois  (Chicago Tribune)
Rare ducks spotted in Yorkville -  Sheryl DeVore, 05/29/2014
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
our Ducks page

6175 140529  Top 100 Inspirational Quotes - Forbes  Kevin Kruse, 05/28/2014
21 Beautiful Maya Angelou Quotes to Live by - TheWrap  Greg Gilman, 05/28/2014
Quote of the Day - BrainyQuote

6174 140529  Oprah Winfrey remembers the best lesson Maya Angelou ever taught her - MSN TV News  Greg Gilman | The Wrap, 05/29/2014
21 Beautiful Maya Angelou Quotes to Live by - TheWrap  Greg Gilman, 05/28/2014
6161 140528  May 28, 2014  Maya Angelou, writer and poet, dies at age 86 - The Washington Post  Emma Brown, 05/28/2014
Maya Angelou | Facebook
Maya Angelou - Wikipedia
Maya Angelou's Poem "On the Pulse of Morning" - YouTube

6173 140529  The US's 11 richest small cities - MSN Money  Marine Cole | The Fiscal Times

6172 140529  Three years after Japan tsunami, suspected bits of debris arrive on Washington shores - Yahoo News  Mike Krumboltz, 05/28/2014 
Comments: "The letters on the plastic bottle are not Japanese. It looks like Chinese."

6171 140529  Qatar Urges Tourists to Dress Modestly When Coming to Town for the World Cup Fashion - Yahoo Shine  Lilit Marcus, 05/28/2014
Geography of Qatar - Map of Qatar -

6170 140529  Making sense of the Great Piketty Debate - Yahoo News  Matt Bai, 05/28/2014
5816 140429  Americans not sold on Piketty’s big idea…yet  (Washington Post, Catherine Rampell, 94/29/2014)
5690 140417  US rolls out red carpet for French critic of capitalism  (France 24, Thomas Hubert, 04/17/2014)
Forces of Divergence  Is surging inequality endemic to capitalism?  (New Yorker, John Cassidy, 03/31/2014)
Thomas Piketty - Wikipedia

6169 140529  "Careers"  The best and worst colors to wear to a job interview - Yahoo Finance  Vivian Giang | Business Insider, 05/28/2014

6168 140529  Pregnant Pakistani woman beaten to death with bricks by relatives  (CNN, Sophia Saifi and Jethro Mullen, 05/28/2014) "honor killings"

6167 140529  MBAs Climb to the Top of the Most Popular Degree List - NBC  05/28/2014

6166 140529  Caterpillar appears as a snake for camouflage -  David Strege, 05/28/2014
 Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize

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