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May 26, 2014    Memorial Day

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

6139 140526  Colorado mudslide: Astonishing footage shows miles of devastation - Los Angeles Times   Matt Pearce, 05/26/2014  Grand Mesa, Colorado
Mudslide - Wikipedia

Landslide - Wikipedia
5509 140330  14 dead, 176 missing in Washington landslide  (USA TODAY, Heather Graf, King-TV, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, 03/25/2014)
Natural Disasters Mudslides - Bing Images
Mudslides Explained: Behind the Washington State Disaster  ... How Are Mudslides Prevented? (National Geographic, Brian Clark Howard, 03/24/2014)
Landslides 101  video   National Geographic
Landslides and Mudslides | CDC
Washington State page

6138 140526  Father blames government 'idiots' as California town mourns killings - Yahoo News  Dana Feldman, Reuters, 05/26/2014

6114 140524  Santa Barbara shooting Elliot Rodger stabbed 3 before shooting rampage  (Chicago Tribune, 05/24/2014)

6137 140526  Infographic: 5 Swimming Skills You Should Know - NBC  Ronnie Polidoro and Alexa Keyes, 05/26/2014
6104 140523  Red Cross: Half of Americans canít swim well - Video on  05/20/2014

6136 140526  Injured Moose Causes Country-Wide Debate Regarding U.S. Wildlife Intervention Life  (Auto World News, Matt Mercuro, 05/26/2014)

6135 140526  9 ways to overcome creative burnout - Blue Sky Innovation  (Chicago Tribune, Steve Le Vine, 05/26/2014)

6134 140526  Pope, Netanyahu spar over Jesus' native language -   Reuters, 05/26/2014
Aramaic language - Wikipedia

6133 140526  Photos: 14 fake tourist attractions -  from  China

6132 140526  Vacation plans in a foreign country? Learn a language  (Chicago Tribune, Danielle Braff, 05/22/2014)

6131 140526  The Earthlings that might already be living on Mars  (Chicago Tribune, Adam Minter | Bloomberg, 05/25/2014)

6130 140526  Officials warm swimmers of electric shock drowning  (Chicago Tribune, Jennifer Delgado, 05/26/2014)

6129 140526  A right to be forgotten? Forget it -  Editorial, 05/26/2014

6128 140526  May 26, 2014  Memorial Day  President Obama Speaks From Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day The White House   Lindsey Holst, 05/26/2014
President Obama Pays a Surprise Visit to Troops in Afghanistan - YouTube  The White House, 05/25/2014

Memorial Day - Holidays -
Memorial Day - Wikipedia
Best 2014 Memorial Day Weekend Freebies, Deals - ABC News  Susanna Kim via Good Morning America, 05/25/2014
Memorial Day 2014  Google
Op-Ed If America had a Memorial Day for peace, would the nation be more reluctant to go to war?  (LA Times, Scott Martelle, 05/24/2014) 
our Memorial Day photo page

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