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April 20, 2014 Easter 
420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia
April 21, 2014 Boston Marathon
April 22  Earth Day
April 23, 1564  Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!
April 25, 2014  Arbor Day

5727 140421  Boston Marathon (World’s Oldest Annual marathon), Boston, Massachusetts (MA) < April 21, 2014 Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon 2014 No bags, backpacks or bandits allowed  (Washington Post)
Boston Marathon Bombings

5726 140420 
Celebrating the birth of TV, 75 years ago at the World's Fair  (Newsday, Verne Gay, 04/16/2014)
Television - Wikipedia
History of television - Wikipedia
1939 New York World's Fair - Wikipedia

5725 140420  April 20, 2014 Easter   Pope Francis prays for peace in Ukraine, Syria in Easter greeting  (Fox News, AP, 04/20/2014)
Vatican: the Holy See
Easter - Holidays -
Beginners Bible For Kids Easter - YouTube
Easter page

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Read Pope Francis's Inspiring Message: 'Let Us Be Lights of Hope!'  (Parade, 04/18/2014)
How Pope Francis wins hearts and minds - Appealing to our better angels (Chicago Tribune, Editorial, 04/20/2014)
Vatican: the Holy See

5723 140420  Powdered Alcohol Legalized in the U.S.  -  Powdered alcohol, or Palcohol
 (WebProNews, Mike Fossum, 04/20/2014)
Alcohol powder - Wikipedia

5722 140420  Digging deeply into our musical roots  -  Concert Review -- Mavis Staples and Regina Carter at Orchestra Hall  (Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich, 04/19/2014)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Illinois State page |  Music

5721 140420 
In pictures: French kite festival takes flight - France 24  04/19/2014
International Kite Festival at Berck-sur-Mer - Holidays and Weekends in Nord-Pas de Calais
Flying Kite Festival photos

5720 140420  420 Rally Denver: Weed culture tries to go mainstream  CBS/AP, 04/20/2014
420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia

5719 140420  Herbed Biscuit Ham Sandwiches - Polish off your Easter ham with ...  (Parade, Sarah Digregorio, 04/19/2014)
Epicurious - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Easter food

5718 140420  Eagle huntress  (Yahoo)
Geography of Kazakhstan - Map of Kazakhstan -
Falconer & Hawks - photo page  
Golden Eagle Bald Eagle - photos

5717 140420  Delay in ferry evacuation puzzles maritime experts - Yahoo News  ---   Why were the passengers of the doomed South Korean ferry told to stay in their rooms rather than climb on deck?   ---  Youkyung Lee and Justin Pritchard, AP, 04/20/2014
10 more bodies found inside sunken ferry by divers - Yahoo News ---  "At the time, the current was very strong, the temperature of the ocean water was cold, and I thought that if people left the ferry without (proper) judgment, if they were not wearing a life jacket, and even if they were, they would drift away and face many other difficulties," the ferry's captain said.  ---  Foster Klug and Hyung-Jin Kim, AP, 04/19/2014
Ferry - Wikipedia
Feds urged better ferry safety before S. Korea disaster  (USA TODAY, Bart Jansen and Gary Stoller, 04/16/2014)
How Safe Are Ferries? Discovery News  Sheila M. Eldred, 04/18/2014
5681 140417  South Korean ferry survivors Passengers told to stay put ---  "Kids were forced to stay put," one survivor told CNN affiliate YTN, "so only some of those who moved survived."  ---  (CNN, Paula Hancocks, Catherine E. Shoichet and Michael Pearson, 04/16/2014)
Evacuation order came too late for many on ferry - Yahoo News  Youkyung Lee and Foster Klug | AP 04/17/2014

5716 140420  America's most scenic waterside drives  (Yahoo Travel, Kimberly Lovato)

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