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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox win WS;
WNBA Minnesota Lynx win the title; NFL
 Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII; NHL regular season underway; NBA regular season underway

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March 22, 2014 MLB (Major League Baseball) Regular Season starts
March Madness, Big Dance 

April 13, 2014 Palm Sunday   
April 14, 2014 Passover begins at sundown
April 15 Tax Day 
"It's TAX Time Again!"
April 16, 1867 Happy Birthday Wilbur Wright, one of The Wright brothers!  April 16, 1867
April 18, 2014 Good Friday
April 20, 2014 Easter 
April 21, 2014 Boston Marathon
April 22  Earth Day

5571 140405  "Nature Notes"
04/05/2014  Pete, an experienced birder - He is able to identify birds by ear - , kindly led a birding (nature) walk for us. We're looking for barred owls. But no luck today! 
Barred Owl is right at the top of our wish listNote: "Pete, Thank so much for your help and time."
Birding @ Springbrook Nature Center*, Three Rivers Park District: Elm Creek Park Reserve, and other places   
*  We've never visited before.
Park trails have lots of snow due to around 10 inches of snowfall Thursday night into Friday, April 4, 2014. We saw cross-country skiing tracks and snowmobile tracks on trails.

Birds which we spotted: Bald Eagle, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker^, Red-bellied Woodpecker^ (calls), Pileated Woodpecker^ (calls, drumming), White-breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped Chickadee (calls), American Coot*, Hooded Merganser*, Mallard+ (calls), Wood Duck*, Canada Goose+ (calls), Ring-billed Gull*, Great Blue Heron* ^, American Crow* (calls), Rock Pigeon, Red-winged Blackbird* ^(calls), Cedar Waxwing+, Robin+ (calls), Purple Finch* #, Fox Sparrow* ^(calls), Bald Eagle, Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal (calls), American Kestrel ?.
Osprey nest (nobody home yet)
Snowy Owl*, Turkey
^, American Kestrel# ^

* Migratory Birds; + Migrate or Stay here in Minnesota year-round; otherwise Stay year-round
# We've never seen before
^ First-of-Season sighting

Mammals: Red Squirrel, Fox Poop?

Plants: Aspen catkins, Pussy Willow flowers, Dogwood (bright red), Juniper, Lichens

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our Wildlife photo page  |  Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary  |  Arboretum

04/03/2014  Cormorant*
04/02/2014  a Red-tailed Hawk? (or Peregrine Falcon*?), American Crows, European Starlings
04/01/2014  a Killdeer*
03/30/2014  Dark-eyed Juncos*, a Blue Jay, Chickadees, Canada Geese+, Gray Squirrels
03/29/2014  Birding Walk @ Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Birds: two Bald Eagles, a Ring-billed Gull*
^, a Turkey Vulture* ^, Mallards+, Canada Geese+, a male Wood Duck* ^, Common Mergansers* ^, Hooded Mergansers* ^, Scaups* ^, a Coot* ^, a Cedar Waxwing+ ^, a pair of Northern Harriers* feeding on two nearby muskrat lodges, a Trumpeter Swan* ^, a Song Sparrow* ^, a White-breasted Nuthatch, a female Downy Woodpecker, an American Robin+, a Brown Creeper^, American Crows*, Rock Pigeons,
Last year's Baltimore Oriole*'s nest, Cooper's Hawk* nest (could be active)?; Here is a Cooper's Hawk nest example.
Mammals: a Red Squirrel
^, a Muskrat^, many Muskrat lodges, some Beaver's activities

* Migratory Birds; +
Migrate or Stay here in Minnesota year-round; otherwise Stay year-round
# We've never seen before
^ First-of-Season sighting

our Wildlife photo page  |  Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary  |  Arboretum

5570 140405  April 5, 2014  Peter Matthiessen, Lyrical Writer and Naturalist, Is Dead at 86  (NY Times, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, 04/05/2014; Google)
Peter Matthiessen - Wikipedia

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5568 140405  Michelle Rhee: Opting out of standardized tests? Wrong answer.  (Washington Post Opinions, Michelle Rhee, 04/04/2014)

5567 140405  From Washington to Westeros, how rape plays out on TV  (Washington Post Opinions, Alyssa Rosenberg, 04/04/2014)

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