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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox win WS; WNBA Minnesota Lynx win the title; NFL
 Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII; NHL regular season underway; NBA regular season underway

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March Madness, Big Dance 
April 13, 2014 Palm Sunday   
April 14, 2014 Passover begins at sundown
April 15 Tax Day 
"It's TAX Time Again!"
April 16, 1867 Happy Birthday Wilbur Wright, one of The Wright brothers!  April 16, 1867
April 18, 2014 Good Friday
April 20, 2014 Easter 
April 21, 2014 Boston Marathon

5502 140329  "Nature Notes" We went birding at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Birds: Two Bald Eagles, a Gull, a Turkey Vulture, Mallards, Canada Geese, a male Wood Duck, Common Mergansers, Scaups, a Coot, a Cedar Waxwing, a pair of Northern Harriers feeding on two nearby muskrat lodges, a Trumpeter Swan, a Song Sparrow (?), a Nuthatch, a Downy Woodpecker, an American Robin, a Brown Creeper, Crows, Rock Pigeons,
Last year's Baltimore Oriole's nest, Cooper's Hawk nest (could be active)?
Mammals: a Red Squirrel, a Muskrat, many Muskrat lodges, some Beaver's activities

our Nature photo page

5501 140329  Deaf couple finds insulting note attached to luggage - This note said 'Please text, deaf and dumb.'" (AOL, 03/28/2014)

5500 140329  Clean coal: A terrible idea whose time has come, WIRED's Mann says  (Yahoo Finance, Aaron Task - Daily Ticker, 03/28/2014)
Green page

5499 140329  7 secrets of the Ivy League  (Yahoo Finance, Mandi Woodruff, 03/28/2014)

5498 140329  "We Heard" on MPR  Age Discrimination at Work  (Google)

5497 140329  Architects of Air - Bing Images
Architects of Air (AoA)
About AoA
Alan Parkinson

Architects Of Air - Mirazozo in Austin, Texas! - YouTube
DiscoveryGreen, Architects of Air - YouTube
Art page

5496 140329  Driver Explains How Road Rage Led to ‘Instant Karma’ Video  (ABC News, Colleen Curry, 03/28/2014)
Words: road rage, flipping the bird (flipping his middle finger)
flipping the bird - Bing Images
flipping middle finger - Bing Images

5495 140329  March 29, 2014 
Earth Hour  
Earth Hour - Wikipedia
Earth Hour - Bing Images

MPR also talked about Earth Hour - MPR: Minnesota Public Radio

5494 140329  "We Just Heard" on MPR  Nine out of ten Wikipedians continue to be men Editor Survey  (Wikimedia blog, Ayush Khanna, 04/27/2012)
Wikipedia Ponders Its Gender-Skewed Contributions  (NY Times, Noam Cohen, 01/30/2011)
Nine Reasons Women Don’t Edit Wikipedia (in their own words)  (Sue Gardner's Blog, 02/19/2011)
90% of Wikipedia's Editors Are Male—Here's What They're Doing About It
  (The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer, 10/25/2013)

5493 140329  March Madness - College Basketball 
Three Elite Eight teams give Big Ten a chance to end its 14-year title drought  Michigan State, Michigan, and Wisconsin (Yahoo Sports, Jeff Eisenberg - The Dagger, 03/29/2014)
BIG TEN CONFERENCE Official Athletic Site - Big Ten Conference
President Obama picks Michigan State to win NCAA tournament (video)  (Washington Post, Cindy Boren, 03/19/2014)  "He might be right!" 
For more info on March Madness, check out Letter 46 (English / Japanese)

5492 140329 
Exclusive Excerpt: Boston Marathon Survivor Jeff Bauman on the Day Everything Changed  (Parade Magazine, Jeff Bauman, 03/22/2014)
April 21, 2014
 (Monday)  Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon bombings - Wikipedia

5491 140329  Your font is showing: Student comes up with plan to save U.S. big bucks  (Yahoo News, Mike Krumboltz - The Sideshow, 03/29/2014)
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