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Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!    March 14, 1879 
March 14   
Pi (π) Day!       π = 3.14...
St. Patrick's Day    March 17
First Day of Spring    March 20
Happy Birthday Tennessee Williams!  March 26, 1911
Palm Sunday    April 13, 2014
April 15   Tax Day       
"It's TAX Time Again!"
Easter  April 20, 2014

5347 140314  "Health Notes"  Environmental Pollution may Increase Risk of Autism Disorder  (Science World Report, Kathleen Lees, 03/14/2014; Google)

5346 140314  Consumers embrace new (and cheaper) ways to watch TV - Yahoo Homes  (Yahoo Homes, Diana Bocco, 03/14/2014)

5345 140314  "Health Notes"  The five-second rule DOES exist Eating food that's been dropped on the floor isn't always dangerous - especially if it's toast  (Mail Online, Victoria Wollaston, 03/10/2014)

5344 140314 
Study: Moods spread across the country via Facebook  (St. Paul Pioneer Press, Monte Morin - LA Times, 03/13/2014)

5343 140314  Search for missing Malaysian plane expands into Indian Ocean  (Washington Post, Chico Harlan, Ashley Halsey III, and Scott Wilson, 03/14/2014)
Geography of Malaysia - Map of Malaysia -

5342 140314  What shall we call Generation Next?  (Washington Post, Alexandra Petri, 03/14/2014)

5341 140314  March 14, 1879  Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!
Eat Some 'Pi' in Honor of Albert Einstein  (LaboratoryEquipment, AP, 03/14/2014)
Happy Pi Day! Itís also Albert Einsteinís birthday.  (Washington Post, Andrea Peterson, 03/14/2014)
Albert Einstein Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Albert Einstein - Wikipedia
Happy Birthday Albert Einstein: 20 Best Quotes from Father of Modern Physics
  (Int. Business Times, Hannah Osborne, 03/14/2014)
Why Itís Imperative to Teach Students How to Question as the Ultimate Survival Skill MindShift  (Mind/Shift, Warren Berger, 03/14/2014)

5340 140314  Happy Pi (π) Day!       π = 3.14...
Happy Pi Day! Itís also Albert Einsteinís birthday.  (Washington Post, Andrea Peterson, 03/14/2014)
Eat Some 'Pi' in Honor of Albert Einstein  (LaboratoryEquipment, AP, 03/14/2014)
Pi Day 2014 celebrated throughout the United States  (CNN, Elizabeth Landau, 03/14/2014)
Pi Day - Wikipedia

5339 140314  March 7, 2014  Hal Douglas dies at 89: Watch his classic movie trailers  (LA Times, Jimmy Orr, 03/13/2014)
Movie trailer voiceover legend Hal Douglas dies at 89  (Guardian, Ben Child, 03/13/2014)
Hal Douglas - six of the best trailers from the voiceover king  (Guardian)
Hal Douglas - Wikipedia
Hal Douglas - IMDb

5338 140314  Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) - IMDb
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) - IMDb

Dudley Do-Right (1999) - IMDb
Boris and Natasha (TV Movie 1992) - IMDb
Rocky and His Friends (TV Series 1959Ė1964) - IMDb
Jay Ward - IMDb
Mr. Peabody & Sherman - Wikipedia

Jay Ward - Wikipedia
Information Resources: Lewis Beale (Newsday), "Mad genius, lover of corny jokes and the guy who gave us Mr. Peabody, Bullwinkle and Dudley D-Right    Who was Jay Ward?," St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 10, 2014, A&E LIVE  p. 1C
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) - Box Office Mojo

'300' Sequel, 'Mr. Peabody And Sherman' Aren't Flops Yet  (Forbes, Scott Mendelson, 03/11/2014)
5290 140308  Fri Box Office '300 Rise Of An Empire' Tops With $17M  (Forbes, Scott Medelson, 03/08/2014)
'300 Rise of an Empire' review Not a sequel, not so good
  (SF Gate, Mick LaSalle, 03/07/2014)
Ď300 Rise of an Empireí movie review: Sequel is no fun at all
  (Washington Post, Ann Hornaday, 03/06/2014)
300: Rise of an Empire (2014) - IMDb
300 (2006) - IMDb

300 (2006) Official Trailer #1 - Gerard Butler, Lena Headey Action Movie - YouTube
300 Behind The Scenes - King Leonidas (2006) HD - YouTube
300 Behind The Scenes - Visual FX (2006) - Gerard Butler Movie HD - YouTube

300 Behind The Scenes - Xerxes (2006) HD - YouTube
The 300 Movie _Final Battle The Best Part of The Movie by- modi zoabi - YouTube

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