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St. Patrick's Day    March 17
First Day of Spring    March 20
Palm Sunday    April 13, 2014
Easter  April 20, 2014

March 9, 2014 (Sun)  Daylight Saving Time Begins (or Daylight Savings Time) Photos < >  Letter 45 | レター45     "Spring forward, Fall back"
Duration of Daylight-Darkness Table for One Year
Daylight saving time may have health costs
  (Chicago Tribune, Karen Ravn, 03/07/2014)

5305 140309  "We just Heard" on MPR  March 9, 2014  William Clay Ford Sr., Detroit Lions owner, dies at 88  (ESPN, Michael Rothstein, 03/09/2014) the owner of the Detroit Lions, the last surviving grandson of automotive pioneer Henry Ford
William Clay Ford, Sr. - Wikipedia

5304 140309  March 6, 2014  Sheila MacRae Dead — ‘Honeymooners’ Alice Kramden Dies At 93  (Hollywood Life, - Tierney McAfee, 03/07/2014)  watch videos using Google Chrome if you can't watch, Google
Sheila MacRae - Wikipedia    English actress and author
Sheila MacRae - IMDb   

5303 140309  Five myths about the SAT  (Washington Post Opinions, Anthony P. Carnevale, 03/07/2014)
5283 140307  The Story Behind the SAT Overhaul  (NY Times, Todd Balf, 03/06/2014)
How Much Does the SAT or ACT Matter in Your Life?  (NY Times, Michael Gonchar, 03/07/2014)
5270 140305  Pencils Down: College Board Reveals Big Changes to SATs
 (NBC News, Daniel Arkin, 03/05/2014)
For more info on SAT, see Letter  6  |  8
SAT Reasoning Test - Wikipedia

SAT - College Board - The Most Widely Used College Admission Exam

5302 140309  As CPAC ends, Republican factions remain adamant in disagreements  (Washington Post, Robert Costa, 03/08/2014)
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) - Wikipedia
Conservative Political Action Conference

5301 140309  In Ukraine, we’ve agreed to have our differences — until now  (Washington Post Opinions, Andrey Kurkov)
Desk to desk Explaining the crisis in Ukraine  (Washington Post, Jason Aldag, Jonathan Elker and Kate M. Tobey / The Washington Post, 03/06/2014)
E.U. condemns Russian actions in Crimea - The Washington Post  Reuters 03/06/2014
'US using their Africa and Middle East strategy in Ukraine' — RT Op-Edge  03/06/2014
Merkel warns Putin against 'illegal' actions in Ukraine  (Deutsche Welle, 03/09/2014)
PressTV - Crimea buildup will cost Russia dearly William Hague  03/09/2014
PressTV - Pro-Russia protesters take over Ukraine’s Lugansk city  03/09/2014
Chinese investment in Ukraine could be costly casualty of conflict with Russia  (Fox News, Joshua Rhett Miller, 03/05/2014)
China opposes Ukraine sanctions - Xinhua  Editor: Zhu Ningzhu, 03/07/2014
Europe - Ukraine will not give up an inch of its territory, PM says - France 24 AP/Reuters  03/09/2014
Ukraine page

5300 140309  Pope Francis wants you to get over him  (Washington Post Opinions, Michelle Boorstein, 03/07/2014)
The pope asked about couples, marriage, faith and prayer. Here are your answers
  (Washington Post, Michelle Boorstein)

5299 140309  NG Live!: Amy Toensing: The Aboriginal Homeland    National Geographic video
History of Indigenous Australians - Wikipedia
Aboriginal Australians - Wikipedia
Utopia, Northern Territory - Wikipedia
Map of Australia - Facts, Geography, History of Australia -

5298 140309  America's most overpriced cities  (Yahoo Finance, Erin Carlyle - Forbes, 03/07/2014)
1 Honolulu, Hawaii and New York, NY, 2 Southern Conn., 3 Boston, Mass, 4 San Jose, Calif., 5 Long Island, NY, ---

5297 140309  Are You Above Or Below Average? BuzzFeed - Yahoo Screen

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